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Guides Bradygames free pdf, Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Official Guide For Pc Official Strategy Guides Bradygames Pdf, Read Online Grand Theft . BradyGames Official Strategy Guide: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Files. Viewing: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames. Signature Guides) By Tim Bogenn pdf download. Grand Theft.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Strategy Guide Pdf

SIGNATURE GUIDES - Grand Theft Auto Vice City Official Strategy Guide Bradygames peque o mathias malzieu pdf le placebo c est vous comment donner le. Mount the downloaded game disc image or insert CD into p. D PageUp.p. • Drag the icon for "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" into your Applications folder. BradyGames' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Strategy Guide provides expert strategies that show gamers the steps to climbing the ladder of crime. Complete.

But before you begin, there are a few things you should know. Keep multiple save files. If you really enjoy a mission, save on a different slot when you complete it, and keep your last save for future enjoyment. There are also other reasons you may want to keep multiple save files, which will be addressed in the following points. Never save or reset with a cheat activated. The only way to disable a cheat is to load a previously saved game. If you get stuck with pink aggressive cars and a riot where the pedestrians are all out for your blood, you may have problems furthering your career. There's a reasonable chance that your saved game will be permanently corrupted and will not load.

Drug crime. Lots and lots of drug crime.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Walkthrough

Of course, we don't mind. All the coke lords and shootouts and vendettas make for a lot of quality entertainment. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Set firmly in the Reagan Era, Vice City is a continuation of everything you learned from the first game. If you think that by now you're a smooth criminal, think again. Vice City packs a lot of new stuff into the experience: new missions , new weapons, new music, new cars, tons of secret jumps and hidden packages , and, of course, lots and lots of cops to avoid.

The game has added some cool features as well. Now you can download up pieces of the city, ride motorcycles and scooters, aim, ghost ride cars, go inside buildings, and much more.

It must take off from the water, since it has floats for landing gear. Gain speed by climbing and diving alternately, making sure not to touch down in the water again.

You'll lose airspeed during turns, so be careful. Overall this vehicle is much less precise than a helicopter. Techniques Drive-by--If you must, you can fire a submachine gun out of your plane window. The application is severely limited though. Many missions will require you to eliminate a certain individual or group of individuals, and Vice City can be quite a dangerous place. Becoming adept at combat is one of the keys to success in this town. The following points will outline the finer points of the combat system: Learn to use the targeting system.

With most weapons you'll press the R1 button to target the highest threat in any situation. This means that if you're up against an unarmed man and a man with a handgun, pressing R1 will target the man with the gun. Hitting the L2 and R2 buttons will target the next available opponent in the respective direction.

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Releasing the R1 button after dropping a target and pressing it again will target individuals in order of threat. Both methods are useful. Also note that your accuracy is conveyed by the size of the targeting circle. The smaller the better. Learn to use manual aim. Certain weapons like the Ruger or PSG-1 sniper rifle are aimed from a first-person perspective when the R1 button is pressed.

There are several uses for this function. You can target specific regions of a target's body, cripple a car's speed and handling by shooting out the tires, or even kill the driver of a vehicle while he's still behind the wheel.

Drivers of cars, boats, and even helicopters and tanks can be dispatched with one well-placed shot. Use this to your advantage. Crouch and take cover. Your character will crouch down when the L3 button is pressed. This serves two important functions. First, it makes your character harder to hit and steadies your aim. Second, it allows you to duck behind cover such as a barrel, desk, or wall. This can be crucial to certain missions and is invaluable for first-person aiming.

Use elevation to your advantage and put a roof over your head. While this applies first and foremost to battling the authorities, it's almost always to your advantage to be at a greater height than your enemies. If you're inside a building, your enemies will have to come into a confined area to get a clean shot, and helicopters will be unable to get a bead on you. Know when to run. After all, everybody runs.

In many cases you'll find that your speed can triumph over the poor accuracy of your enemies. If a mission objective requires you to get somewhere fast, you may want to kill the foes right in front of you and run to the safety of a vehicle. That brings us to our next point. Make use of vehicles. Unless your opponents are packing serious heat, you'll often be able to soak up a lot of gunfire in a vehicle. Running anyone over with the tires will kill them instantly, but simply hitting them won't always yield the same result.

Drive-bys are another valuable technique to utilize. Vice City offers an assortment of melee and ballistic weapons. Weapons fit into eight different categories, and you can carry eight at once in addition to your fists brass knuckles can be worn on the fists to enhance damage.

Below is the complete list of weapons with suggested uses and applications. Each weapon name is followed by its store price in parentheses and comments on its effectiveness. Fists--Use fists when you just want to kick someone's ass. Grabbing brass knuckles will make your punch a bit more powerful.

You can also occasionally throw in a kick by double-tapping in a direction before hitting circle. It's more of a harassment tool than a serious weapon. It's good for putting dings in cars though. It's great for street fights. You can quickly dispatch and decapitate enemies with it, plus it has a fairly good range.

You can also run with it, unlike the chainsaw. The chainsaw is powerful and very bloody when you deliver a final blow to someone on the ground, but it will slow you down when you carry it. The explosion is very powerful, taking out vehicles with ease. Just make sure you don't get near it. You can pick up a few canisters by the Washington Beach police station. You may want to experiment to see if you can squeeze some fun out of this weapon.

Be warned though, if you set yourself on fire, you'll take a lot of unavoidable damage. The bomb will go off when you trigger the detonator using the circle button. Try to think of clever ways to integrate a car bomb into your mission. Pistols Colt. The Python is infinitely preferable.

You can run while firing this weapon. One shot, one kill. The python is great for close-range gunfights, though you have to plant your feet when you squeeze off a round. Shotguns Let me introduce you to lil' stubby. You can easily take a man out with one shot up close or from a medium distance, but the low spread makes it weaker for close combat than the other shotguns.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Manual.pdf

As with all shotguns, you must stand still while firing. This makes its extreme long-range and close-range deficiencies disappear. You will have to reload the weapon, but its offensive power is still amazing. Its effectiveness against multiple opponents is questionable. This gun is slightly more effective overall. It boasts an excellent rate of fire and good overall stopping power. Without question it's the best submachine gun in any situation.

The other draw is its power. Although your aim will be thrown off quite a bit when you use this gun, you can go for headshots and mow down several men at once. Even with its considerable firepower it can't easily take out a helicopter. But it's still the best gun for the category. Remember that crouching will increase your accuracy with these types of weapons.

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Heavy Weapons Note: All heavy weapons must be downloadd from Phil or found around the city. The only catch is that you can't target a specific individual with the R1 button.

The gun fires at a slightly upward angle, so it's best used against enemies that are standing on the same ground you are. Even from a great distance you can create a large explosion that destroys people and vehicles with great accuracy. This weapon is aimed from a first-person perspective. It has a high rate of fire and manual aim, and, unlike with the rocket launcher, you can't hurt yourself with it. This gun is great for shooting down helicopters, shooting up land vehicles, or taking out particularly tough people.

If a flaming individual makes contact with you, you'll start to burn as well. Still, because it has a decent range and instantly nullifies threats, the flamethrower can be a useful weapon. Sniper Rifles Firing through tires and windshields is a new feature in Vice City, use it well. While it fires only one round at a time, the zoom capability is just as good as that of the PSG-1, and the sight is more reliable at extreme distances.

One shot will kill. It holds seven rounds, each capable of taking a man down in one hit. A car can be destroyed with one clip. The minor drawback to this weapon is that at great distances the laser sight indicator is hard or impossible to see. Take this into consideration when choosing between the two.

You can get away with a lot in Vice City, but caution must be exercised when the cops are around. If an officer catches you committing a felonious act, you'll receive a wanted star. This includes slamming into a police vehicle, killing pedestrians, attempting to hold up stores by targeting the owner, firing a weapon in the presence of an officer, and other similar behavior.

Killing a cop will instantly stick you with a two-star wanted level, and walking into the police station brandishing a gun is just asking for it. The following is a description of the wanted levels and what they mean. It's important to remember that completing a mission will always clear your wanted level.

One Star--In general, a one-star level is nothing to worry about. Police in the immediate area will give chase to you, but you won't be fired on.

If you're beaten down and subdued or pulled out of your car, you'll be busted. Simply run or drive around for a while, avoiding contact with the police, and your wanted level will dissipate in no time. Two Stars--At this point you've either killed an officer or several people, or you've triggered a mission-specific condition. The police will dispatch squad cars to chase you, and more will join in the chase if you encounter them. Police behavior is a bit more aggressive, both in driving and on foot.

Escape is still relatively easy. Changing clothes, grabbing a police bribe icon to bring your wanted level back to one, or using a nearby Pay 'n' Spray are simple and viable options.

Three Stars--Things are starting to heat up. You'll get a strong reaction from the boys in blue, and undercover cops in the fast and agile Cheetah will join the chase. Police may set up roadblocks, and you can definitely expect them to shoot first and ask questions later. A helicopter may also join the chase.

Changing clothes can still help, but hitting a bribe before you do so would be much more effective. The Pay 'n' Spray is a good option, and it shouldn't be too hard to reach. Check your map for the closest location. Four Stars--When the wanted level hits four stars, you know you're officially in trouble. Swarms of patrol cars will pursue you doggedly, joined by the undercover cops and the SWAT team.

Expect a hail of gunfire from the air and ground as helicopters and heavily armed law enforcement officers do their best to bring you down. Anything less than the Pay 'n' Spray simply won't be enough. Don't take chances here. Five Star--The intensity you saw on level four increases with the presence of the FBI, who pack MP5s that can take you down in no time.

You won't be able to round a corner without running into a law enforcement vehicle, and it will be a real fight to make it to the Pay 'n' Spray. Six Stars--You're the baddest man this city has ever seen, in a bad way. In addition to everything that was thrown at you on the five-star level, military vehicles like the Rhino tank and the massive Barracks OLs will come at you hard.

Hijack one of these vehicles if you can, but even still you'll be hard pressed to clear your name.

Luckily the Pay 'n' Spray can and will work miracles. It's literally crawling with criminals, Tommy Vercetti included. You may notice a pedestrian fleeing from an officer on foot from time to time. Gangs are quite organized and will often war with one another in the streets. The Cubans and Haitians in particular are always at each other's throats.

You'll anger certain gangs at certain times, depending on the missions or the clothing you're sporting, but you'll never be so hated that certain areas will be impossible to access.

If a local gang gives you trouble, simply do a few drive-bys and move to a new area. As you download more properties, you'll notice groups of Italian goons hanging around. Many of them are named Mario. All of them will attack any other gang that crosses into your turf. If you're feeling frustrated, you can beat up or even kill your own men with no consequences. One last important note is that there is no way you can miss out on future missions, like you could in Grand Theft Auto III.

You can do any mission available at any time and never worry about closing a potential path due to a decision you've made. You'll then meet with the lawyer Ken Rosenberg, who will provide you with your first few missions. From here the missions needed to complete the story portion of the game are listed in the order in which they occur. These walk-throughs should aid you in completing every mission in the game. Some offer the quickest and simplest solution, while others have alternate strategies.

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