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The Vampire Diaries is now a hit television series on The CW The story the Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries series, which is a book series based on the CW . This article is about Elena Gilbert from the novel series. You may be . Elena Gilbert is the heroine and the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries book series. Contents[show] Summary A deadly love triangle Elena: beautiful and popular, the girl The Awakening is the first book in The Vampire Diaries novel series.

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Vampire Diaries Story Book

The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire horror series of novels created by Alloy Entertainment (book packager). The story centers on Elena Gilbert. The Vampire Diaries has five series containing the following:The Vampire Book Matt and Elena: First Date. by L.J. Smith. · 1, Ratings · 62 Reviews · published · 3 editions. In a completely new story written specifically fo. The Vampire Diaries, Volumes book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Contains movie tie-in editions of the four Vampir.

This popular fantasy teen drama is based off a New York Times bestselling book series published by L. Smith in the early s. Here are a few major differences within the books and TV series that are relevant for the finale. See how it all started, and find out how it all ends. TVDForever pic. In the books, Stefano and Damiano were well-off Italian brothers raised during the Renaissance three centuries earlier. A self-centered German vampire named Katherine leads to a deadly love triangle. In the show, the brothers were shot and left for dead for protecting Katherine when it is discovered she is a vampire in When they awake as vampires, Katherine is presumed dead. The brothers hate each other and go their separate ways… until they both lay their eyes upon a modern-day girl named Elena Gilbert. Stefan describes Elena as tiger and Katherine as a kitten.

A drunken Tyler sexually assaults Elena. Stefan appears and rescues Elena by beating up Tyler. Stefan takes her to his room at the boarding house so that she can clean up before he drives her home. When Stefan drives Elena home, she learns that Vickie has been found wandering on the road, scratched and raving about having been attacked by some supernatural force. To Elena's confusion, Stefan then seems to draw away from her emotionally. The next day Stefan tries to break up with Elena, but she refuses to let him do so.

This convinces her that he has secretly loved her from that time. She writes about the hair ribbon and the romance in her diary, also noting that Stefan still seems to be hiding something from her.

The lights go off and a seductive college-aged boy enters. He nearly persuades Elena to kiss him despite her love for Stefan. Then he disappears. Elena brings her diary to a slumber party with Meredith and Bonnie.

She does not see Stefan, but the seductive college-aged boy appears. He quotes love poetry and tries to kiss Elena. The boy reacts with anger but leaves when Elena asks him to do so. Over the next few weeks, Elena becomes more concerned at how Stefan seems to be drawing subtly away from her and keeping secrets.

For example, he is wearing an object on a chain around his neck, hidden underneath his clothing, and he refuses to talk about it. He appears haunted and sad. Elena is determined to bring them back together and persuade Stefan to trust her completely. Because Stefan confronted their European History teacher, Mr.

Tanner, on the first day of school and corrected him about how teenagers behaved during the Renaissance, Elena plans to wear a Renaissance ball gown as her Halloween costume.

During the Haunted House, Mr. Tanner is given the role of Bloody Corpse. This requires him to be covered with fake blood with a knife lying nearby; he is supposed to sit up unexpectedly to frighten visitors. When Bonnie leads visitors to see the Bloody Corpse, however, she finds that Mr.

Tanner actually is dead and covered with blood. A panic results.

This spurious logic turns the crowd into a mob. Elena follows him and finds Stefan on the roof of the boarding house with blood smeared on his lips, his fangs extended, and dead birds at his feet.

In her shock, she falls off the roof, but Stefan leaps after her and catches her in mid-descent. Elena is unhurt. Elena demands explanations at last. If anything, she'd be pushed by someone trying to get passed her. God knows that hallways are crowded enough in high school.

Also, every time she walked down the hall, literally every boy would stare at her. Oh, and she literally had an army of minions who followed her everywhere.

Even the conversations Elena has with her "friends" sound so artificial. Now let's move on to the plot holes. The author reveals barely anything to the reader about Elena's family. We only know that her mother and father died. Elena is a high school student, her family is a big part of her life.

Some details would be nice. I hated that the author didn't build on Elena's home life at all, I never felt so unconnected to a book before. Then there's the writing style. It can be summed up in two words: monstrously awful. When I was in second grade I could have read this book and comprehended it just fine.

The word choice was seriously unimpressive, the sentences were bland. I wasn't expecting a piece of literary art, but I was expecting some style and substance. This is easily the worst book I ever bought. I wish I waited to get it at the library instead of wasting my money on it.

This book is so cheesy, you could use it to make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich. The first reason being the characters are so different. Elena is a spoiled, and entitled little brat.

It's incredibly hard t Book: It's incredibly hard to relate to her, but it's comical how much attention she thinks she deserves.

The Awakening

She is the queen bee of her school, and gets seriously angry when the new guy, Stefan, doesn't pay any attention to her. And I'm Stefan's own words she is "quite underdeveloped". Without really knowing anything about one another they are magically drawn to each other, in a super obsessive way, and I can't help but laugh at how "in love" they are with each other after a matter of spending all of like 6 hours with each other.

The edition I read promised a love triangle in its description, yet we hardly get to experience Damons character, let alone see any relationship developments between him and Elena. The dialogue is written in such a way that it presents itself like an after school special written clearly written by adults but meant to cater to teens, yet it doesn't quite work. The Struggle Rating: He appears and Elena gets what's seems to be her first real look at him.

He looks like Stefan, with the same dark hair, pale skin and good looks. Taking it in she sees unlike Stefan his hair is straight, his eyes are "black as midnight" and he has a "cruel smile". While she is trying to confront him about the murders and trying to get Damon to share Stefan's location- Damon uses his Power to try and make Elena forget Stefan and draw her in to him.

Elena is strong and manages to resist him which just seems to make him more interested in her and her strength. He offers her the Power, eternal life and fulfilled desires trying to convince her that it will satisfy her. When she refuses Damon tells her that she will change her mind, and to not bother looking for Stefan, as he has killed him. Bonnie is starting to develop her own psychic powers, and so far is one of the most likable characters in the series other than Matt.

That being said, Matt seems easily manipulated and like he is definitely under Elena's thumb, and would probably jump off of Wickery Bridge if she asked him to. Meredith seems like and unnecessary character as of right now, and was probably only added to help expand the ever popular Elena's friend group- either that or Smith just didn't feel like developing the character in any way shape or form.

Introducing Alaric. The new history teacher who takes over when the previous one is killed by Damon. He starts off his class by making the students talk about what happened, as if he is some type of grief counselor.

I can't help but feel he is already crossing a line, and he's only taken over for all of 2 minutes. Then he takes it one step further by inviting them to come talk after school at the place he is staying at. Elena still feels strongly connected to Stefan, even more so after he feeds from her.

She thinks that knowing his secret has brought them even closer together. I have yet to find much of anything for them to build a relationship on, but my inner teen fan girl keeps jumping up and down happy that they are so "in love". I still find it concerning how quickly and easily she trusts him and honestly believes he will never hurt her. Caroline and Tyler are out for revenge against Elena and Stefan.

Damon is out to weasel his way into Elena's life. Aunt Judith is charmed by Damon. Chaos ensues!

The Awakening

The Fury Rating: She starts to notice changes in her bodies perceptions such as not feeling the cold from the storm, and a nocturnal sense of vision being able to focus in the dark.

She could sense their anger and hostility. She felt drawn in, drawn by him to help and protect him. The first chapter is intense. You feel the pull from the story and know "this is where it's going to get GOOD". There is further character development of Bonnie, as well as Meredith.

We also get a look into this strange Alaric person who has come to take over teaching history. We learn a little more about Damon, but he still isn't what I would consider a main character. Elena is starting to become more likable and caring, so she is more relatable than in previous books. This is book is where the story really starts to get some meat on its bones and delivers a delicious climax, and you most certainly won't be disappointed.

I was very surprised when finding out the identity of the Other Power. Overall I give it 3. Dark Reunion Rating: We are met with Bonnie being pressured into keeping a secret that Caroline is throwing Meredith a surprise party. They seem to be friends again, and Bonnie seems to think it's possible Caroline has grown up, and matured since the last 3 books.

Bonnie is being plagued by nightmares of Elena, in which it seems that Elena is trying to tell Bonnie something- but she can't make it out and wakes up in fear. With the events at the end of the previous book, the story is mainly being told from Bonnie's point of view which is quite refreshing. I found Elena to be rather snotty and immature, where as Bonnie is far more likable. The story remains fast paced from the beginning to the end making it even easier to complete than the first three.

This book is very fast paced and full of action through every turn. It would have made sense to combine all 4 books into one giant book, and this would have been the epic climax. I was very surprised with the villains, even though hints were dropped not only in this book, but in previous books as well. I wish we had some more of Alaric as I was really enjoying his character and would have liked to see his relationship with Meredith develop further.

Meredith's character as a whole is still lacking development in my opinion. It's almost likely they could have cut her out of the story completely and it still would have been just fine, except for a few major points to help progress the plot.

I can't help but feel sorry for him. The ending was suspenseful, and I nearly had tears in my eyes. The story within these 4 books was great. I would definitely read them again. Random Thoughts While Reading: It makes more sense than Damon and Elena as Bonnie has had more interaction with him. They would also make a good match. I went into this thinking there was going to be love drama, and was handed action a supernatural entities.

I usually never download tie in editions, but I couldn't bear to put the old homely editions on my self. I also hated how they did 2 new editions that included 2 books each. I like to read my books one at a time, and why have to carry around more pages than I have to.

This rating and review is based solely on my immediate feelings upon completion of the book, and is in no way meant to be in comparison with the TV series or other books I have read. Anyone expecting these to be like the TV series will be upset as the story and characters are very different. Loved the tv series! Hated the book! Jan 10, Mark Drumev rated it really liked it. I liked the book ,but it's a lot different than the TV show. Jul 13, Aya rated it really liked it.

Da completa profana dell'omonima serie tv, ho letto ogni genere di critica alla protagonista di questa saga; eppure, l'Elena Gilbert letteraria mi ha colpita davvero tanto.

Entra in scena come un'egocentrica un po' snob una ragazza consapevole del proprio aspetto e, pur soffermandosi di tanto in tanto a interrogare la propria coscienza, del tutto a suo agio nell'usarlo a proprio vantaggio: Dopo 'I diari delle streghe', la Smith mi dimostra ancora una volta di saper costruire dei rapporti umani bellissimi tra personaggi estremamente credibili, anche andando oltre delle trame che a conti fatti non aggiungono nessun contributo definitivo all'universo urban fantasy.

Due sole stelline a questo romanzo Ero indecisa se dargliene solo una ma, visto che dopotutto mi ha fatto compagnia per qualche ora, una stellina mi sembrava sul serio troppo poco. Da dove parto a criticare? Il libro si presenta bene.

The Vampire Diaries (novel series) - Wikipedia

Ma qui i protagonis Due sole stelline a questo romanzo Reginetta del ballo, bellissima con, ovviamente, occhi azzurri e capelli biondi, stra amata da uomini e donne. La fidanzata del quarterback insomma. Una che vuole che anche il sole le giri attorno e, se glielo fai notare, si permette anche di rimanerci male!

Stefan poi, che nome dannatamente italiano! XD - Il cattivo appare e scompare, seduce e prende in giro Anche lui ha un perfetto nome fiorentino May 17, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: Es beginnt ganz harmlos: Was sie nicht ahnt: Ich habe "Tagebuch eines Vampirs" bereits schon einmal vor ein paar Jahren gelesen und fand und finde die Reihe wirklich toll.

Es war meine erste und lange auch ei Inhalt: Es war meine erste und lange auch einzige Vampir-Geschichte, die ich gelesen habe. Nov 13, Tazhiana brown rated it liked it. This story is about a group of friends that kind of have feelings for eachother. They are just a group of teenage girls and boys who have vampire powers and write about them in a diary. Lastly they act like normal children by going to parties and other fun things that tennagers would do.

But when they were at the party , they found out someone they knew was killed by drinkning a poisonous drink. I think the book was very boring because it wasnt really any action until the end of the story.

The charcters were realistic in a way because they acted like a normal group of teenage kids that had feelings for eachother. The diolouge was interesting because they were talking to eachother like they were in a relationship. Also, because the characters go through drama like regualr people.

Another reason the diolouge was intersesting becasue the characterswill tell eacother what to do or what they think they should do. That's why I think the diolouge was interesting. It made me interested in a way because when some of the characters were at the party and they were hitting on eachother like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The only question i had for the book was why everyone acts like thety are a married couple.

I lost interest in the book because in the beginning because it was boring and made me not want to read it anymore. I would recommend this book to those who like vampire romantic stories. I would recommend this book to those who are years old. I gave this novel 3 stars because the author didn't keep the drama going throughout the story. Nov 15, Category Is: Book Review Realness! Fans of Ya,fans of vampire romance. Recommended to Category Is: Actual rating: I only watched the pilot episode and didn't care much for it.

It doesn't seem bad,even though the fact that it changed everything that happens in the book made me raise my eyebrows a little. I gave this 3. The characters where interesting.

The plot was interesting and kept you stuck in it. Elena is well A blonde,hot,perfect looking spoiled brat. It's going to annoy most people,i imagine. It goes away eventually as she learns she isn't the most important woman in the world. I've seen people call her a slut,but i don't see how a single person being attracted to another single person makes the first person a slut,but okay. Everything went down in the revival series,but I won't get on that on this review.

Anyway,i recommend this book for vampire romance fans looking for a series to spend their time. Feb 07, Casey Carlisle rated it it was ok Shelves: I completed the novels some years ago, but in doing a comparison to the television series for my blog I gave them a second read… I did like the darkness in the novels, especially in the debut, and the premise of the story has great potential.

There are a great many elements I find intriguing in L. I will say I like the characters of Stefan and Damon who are wicked and mysterious; and even though they are aged vampires, they still manage to connect and project a lot of teen angst. The style of the novels is more for a tween market as evident in the narrative, resulting in an easy and fast read.

Though there are a great many unpredictable plot twists that kept me entertained. An okay read, but nothing I would recommend to anyone over the age of fourteen.

Nov 09, Szasz Hajni rated it did not like it. This was really bad. The first book was terrible, however it turned out to be almost ok by the time I finished the series. As many people have said, Elena is a horrible person. I cannot understand how come she has any friends. There is not enough time for her and Stefan to fall in love either, so the thought of them being separated doesn't really affect me.

Also, there is the forced love-triangle with Damon, which is unnecessary and basically happens in the few moments right after Elena becomes This was really bad. Also, there is the forced love-triangle with Damon, which is unnecessary and basically happens in the few moments right after Elena becomes a vampire I suppose I like Damon, but that's mainly because I've seen the show first.

It is just too boring and shallow, and then goes over-dramatic and downright pathetic by the end. I award that one star for Damon, at least he stays consistent as a character. I liked that we got a glimpse of his humanity, but then he stays true to himself, which means evil.

If you like an easy, vampire related read, go for it! However if you like quality and complex characters, pass! Dec 16, Mikah Hudson rated it it was amazing. If someone were interested in a science fiction book , the first one I would recommend would be The Vampire Diaries. This book is about a young girl who just went back to school after a terrible accident in where her parents die.

She then starts to like a new boy at their school. He is very mysterious. They soon get to know each other and become friends. Their relationship then turns tables and they start falling in love with each other.

The girl comes to find out the boy has a brother , w If someone were interested in a science fiction book , the first one I would recommend would be The Vampire Diaries. The girl comes to find out the boy has a brother , who catches her eye even more. The brothers have a deep dark secret , they have been keeping from everyone and soon , elena finds out. I love this book because it does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat.

It also , is a long series! I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the Twilight series or anyone interested in Science Fantasy books or romance. Jun 01, Yasmine Chloe rated it liked it. I found these books very hard to finish.

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