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Silent Hill: Book of Memories brings the Silent Hill series onto the PlayStation Vita . Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a "dungeon crawler" style survival horror game with RPG elements, set in the Silent Hill PCPS3®Xbox · Silent Hill. The objective of Silent Hill: Book of Memories is to guide the player character on the game in September , with a proof of concept for the PC produced two .

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Silent Hill Book Of Memories Pc

Silent Hill: Book of Memories full game free pc, download, play. Silent Hill: Book of Memories play online. Silent Hill: Book of Memories full. Silent Hill: Book of Memories For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download. Everything you need to know about Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

If I review it as a new entry in the Silent Hill franchise, then the game probably fails at every single level possible, considering that it violates all the core tenets the series is founded upon. If I view it as a dungeon crawler action RPG, then it fails on multiple levels as well, mostly for not being up to the standards of the genre, and for being half baked in several respects. And in spite of all that, however, the game somehow comes together and delivers an experience that honestly might not stand out all that much, but remains fun to play. The answer? The concept works surprisingly well, and the game is actually fun to play although it is outperformed by Heroes of Ruin , which is on a handheld with allegedly weaker online capabilities. What are these problems with execution, then? The entire atmosphere of the game is grim, but on the whole, the game simply does not deliver the chills at all, in spite of some spooky music and sound effects. Also, the camera angle, which is a zoomed out isometric take on the playing field, precludes any possibility of tension at all. But again, at best they serve as a jarring reminder of the fact that this is not Silent Hill, and at worst, they get reduced to generic pixels on your screen that must be attacked. Of course, all of this would be a huge problem if the game was setting out to be a real Silent Hill game in the first place. They can, at worst, be annoyances, but even that would be stretching it, I think.

For this Vita-exclusive spin-off, Silent Hill the town has been almost completely abandoned.

How long is Silent Hill: Book of Memories?

The game instead takes place in a series of esoteric rooms joined by interlocking corridors in six abstract worlds drawn from the psyche of the player character. WayForward's extension of the Silent Hill myth departs more than just its stomping ground, also abandoning the survival horror execution in favour of a quick-paced, top-down exploration game that, for the first time in the series, allows four players to co-operate online.

The shift is disorientating - and the series' staunchest fans, those who revisit game after game in the hope of finding horror keen enough to match Silent Hill's earliest frights, may never recover. There is no cold and brooding in these blood-flecked halls and alleyways, none of that interminable tension that comes from anticipating an injury yet to be delivered.

There is, in its place, Diablo-thwacking, chest-looting and a range of character statistics to invest in and improve with the steady stream of experience points you beat from monsters' honeycombed skulls. In a first for the series, the protagonist is one of your own creations, dressed and coiffed to your taste at the start of the game. Dig a little deeper and you find that WayForward has kept some of the earlier Silent Hill ingredients, albeit mixed and baked in novel ways. Item management in the face of scarcity of resources - that key component of any survival narrative - is part of this game's spine.

You begin with two weapon slots and room in your backpack for a mere handful of bullets and health packs. Weapons degrade rapidly with use and must be regularly repaired with rare spanners, lest they break forever.

Guns come loaded but these monsters are greedy for damage and you can easily empty the chamber on a single blood bat as its health bar soaks up the wounds.

Find a new plank or crowbar and you must choose which of your current weapons to discard, while a range of two-handed options limit your choices yet further.

Later in the game, when you happen upon the shop sanctuaries tucked in a far corner of a stage, you can upgrade your backpack using the 'Memory Residue' currency earned from fallen monsters or solved puzzles to allow you to carry a little more of everything - but the game is successful in communicating a sense that you're always a health pack and a rusty knife away from complete helplessness.

There's a note of 'Metroidvania' to the stage layouts, with a series of locked doors preventing access until you've found a one-size-fits-all skeleton key to unlock progress. An immaculate mini-map shows what areas are left to uncover and, while each room is usually host to a handful of enemies, the emphasis is on collecting the puzzle objects that are needed to unlock the final gate in the stage.

A single handwritten clue is also tucked away somewhere in each stage and, if you're at a loss for the solution, you can pay some currency for a more overt clue on the puzzle screen. Resolutions occur at the end of every third zone, after defeating the local guardian.

Silent Hill: Books of Memories

Rather, you make your own character, with customization options containing various outfits, headgear, eye-wear and stereotypes to craft a unique character. Under the label of class, you get the option of choosing whether you want to be a jock, goth, rocker, bookworm or preppy individual.

Choosing your character class, and wondering what stats it might affect, is actually the second blind choice you get to make. The first is the initial screen, containing a sheet of ink blots.

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You have to choose one of eight, and each one gives you a charm, granting a slight bonus. Like in the latest Silent Hill games, they break and are destroyed. Even the most powerful weapons handed down to you from Valtiel will quickly drop in durability as you fight against the onslaught of Silent Hill antagonists. They can be maintained with a tool kit, however, like the weapons themselves, tool kits are not lying around in abundance throughout the zones.

Every room will test your ability to survive.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

There are also traps scattered around the world. Invisible ones, too! However, get a strong enemy to walk over it and a single punch will end the day for even the scariest of beasts. They provide much needed variety to the combat, each fight being unique and fun.

There is a karma system within the game, one that only affects certain abilities you can use, rather then the story of the game. You run a balance of light and blood, a balance that is offset based on the types of enemies you kill and the blood spatters you collect.

This system is something that works best towards multiplayer, in which you and your cohorts can focus on fighting a specific type of enemy.