Free hamradio callbook with very fast XML access for logging programs, recent activity, logsearch, condx prediction, multilanguage support etc. callsign, amateur radio, ham radio, pictures, DX. Over 13,, callsigns in the HamCall database. FCC updates are processed as Cryptography Book. Cryptography Book Sorry, CALL was not found in the current HamCall database. Gold members can add CALL to their HamCall Notification.

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Ham Call Book

World's leading amateur radio web site with news, technical articles, discussions, practice exams and more. A directory of amateur radio station call signs. Resembling a telephone directory and contains the name and addressees of licensed ham radio. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Notice that advertising helps paying the bill of the expensive server required by DXMAPS, together with the.

Amateur radio call signs are allocated to amateur radio operators around the world. The call signs are used to legally identify the station or operator, with some countries requiring the station call sign to always be used and others allowing the operator call sign instead. The International Telecommunication Union ITU allocates call sign prefixes for radio and television stations of all types. Since these have been used to uniquely identify operators and locate amateur stations within a geographical region or country of the world. Call signs meant for amateur radio follow the ITU's Article 19, specifically Prefixes are assigned internationally, and a separating numeral plus suffix are added by a national body to produce this unique identifier.

New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters

Ofcom in Great Britain also allows numerals in special event call signs. Numerous other cases of multiple numeral prefixes exist.

An example occurred in when the "" was used in place of district numbers for the many stations that celebrated the bicentennial of the U. The 26 letters of the English alphabet and ten digits may be used to form call signs, accented letters excluded.

Letter combinations which can be confused with distress calls or which are reserved as abbreviations for radiocommunications services are excluded e.

Q codes. Malawi assigned the 7QA—7QZ block. Double- or single-digit prefixes are excluded. A callsign with a leading digit in the prefix always has a second character which is a letter and in rare cases a third character which is also a letter.

Currently, no allocated prefix has 0 zero or 1 one as one of its characters as they can be confused with the letters O Oscar and I India. All ten digits from 0 to 9 are allowed to be used as a separating numeral at the discretion of national allocating bodies. Similar rules apply in cases when bilateral agreements on visitors licenses exist, or a visitor is permitted to operate without being assigned a local call sign. When a country's separating numeral denotes a geographic area within, an operator from one region operating in another region can affix a secondary suffix indicating so.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the use of these five suffixes may be required for these types of operation. Some jurisdictions discourage this practice on the grounds that it could be confused with an amateur from the repeater's location working portable in Russia.

Each national authority has some options in relation to the form of the prefix, as long as enough characters are selected starting from the left of their assigned block to produce a prefix unique to its jurisdiction. Each country has authority over which numeral separates the prefix and suffix. The prohibition of the use of the digits 0 and 1 in land mobile stations does not apply to amateur stations. The ITU however does not issue prefixes with either a 0 or 1 as one of the characters.

Bahamas issues call signs without a separating numeral.

Free hamradio callbook

They are assigned the C6A—C6Z block, and the '6' is part of the prefix. Examples are as found on QRZ. The suffix can be from one to four characters subject to ITU exclusions above. Whereas for ITU purposes the prefix does not include the separating numeral, for country purposes often the separating numeral is included when the prefix is referred to. A country can consist of many DXCC entities depending on its geographical make-up.


As political boundaries change through treaty or warfare, sometimes call sign prefixes are reassigned by the ITU to the new controlling government, or are reassigned by national governments for other reasons. Some call sign block ranges are unassigned by the ITU, e.

Any call sign used by an amateur in these unassigned block ranges usually had it assigned to them by a group with an unrecognized national claim. Unless otherwise noted, they have no value for DXCC awards.

In addition, during their period of independence from the Republic of South Africa , which lasted in some cases from —, the Bantustans had prefixes not recognized by the international community. These were:.

Any country or ITU prefix assignment can have many entities within it. For example, in the United States Hawaii with 'H' as the second character of the prefix and '6' as the separating numeral and Alaska with 'L' as the second letter of the prefix are considered different DXCC entities, as are Sable Island and St. Paul Island in Canada. DeSoto's landmark QST article defining a "country" as a discrete geographical entity.

It refers to a list of saltwater islands worldwide maintained by the Radio Society of Great Britain , which assigns a unique code to an island or group of islands, like EU for Great Britain , OC for Australia etc.

EU — Dodecanese Islands, etc. In many other cases there is no direct relation between the callsign and the IOTA code. Ham radio operators in the United States may apply for a specific callsign, including calls from other zones, so long as they have the appropriate license class for the desired callsign format.

In Canada, a "2 x 3" call a format with two letters, a number, three letters, like VE1ZZZ may be freely requested from a list of available calls; the shorter "2 x 2" call has a waiting period in many provinces. The U.

An Amateur Extra might have W0OL which is a "1 x 2" call , but a General-class licensee could not, because 1 x 2 calls are reserved for the Amateur Extra class.

Likewise, a ham on the mainland could not get a callsign beginning with the KH6 prefix, which is assigned to Hawaii, although a radio amateur who moves to a different call sign district within the same country is able to keep his or her original callsign. Individual amateurs may want a callsign with their name or initials embedded, callsigns that had been held by family members or friends, or callsigns that they themselves formerly held and gave up for whatever reason.

Some people want a callsign that is shorter, or easier to pronounce, or just "fits their personality" better. CW Morse code operators might want a callsign that "sounds good" or is short when sent in Morse. This is referred to as "CW weight".

Amateur Search

Radio amateur clubs will sometimes request specific callsigns in memoriam of deceased members silent keys ; G5RV is held by a British club in memory of the inventor of the G5RV antenna. Some request callsigns which reflect specific interests or modes of operation such as VE3QRP for a low-power radio club in Ontario.

Various "special event" callsigns are issued for periods ranging from a day to a month, either for individual radio contest days or commemoration of specific current or historic events. Occasionally, a radio club will obtain a shorter callsign for a day; the U.

FCC issues calls as short as 1 x 1 with "K1D" being a popular choice for individual events.

Callsign Checker

These callsigns are not permanent and are quickly reassigned to other stations for subsequent events. A well-known short callsign is JY1, which belonged to Hussein of Jordan , who served as that nation's king. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amateur radio. Retrieved Obtaining Vanity Call Sign". Retrieved 27 August ZL2WL 7, TA2B 6, PA9JO 6, TA2DX 6, DE6MSW 5, DL7ACA 5, A61Q 4, EB1BSV 3, IZ1PNT 3, NE8S 3, ON3BM 3, AE4EC 2, DG4KAL 2, IZ0TRL 2, JY4CI 2, SV3ICL 2, W7BC 2, N8RWE 2, A71AM 2, G4AKC 2, QRZ Trivia.

QRZ News. Number of radio amateurs in France. Our Sun Dims After Storming: Solar Storm Forecast Elecraft K4 Debut at Dayton Hamvention. ILLW Reaches Hamvention Navigation App.

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