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6 days ago Like all Grand Theft Auto games, GTA 3 includes a range of cheats with which players can spice up the game if regular gameplay gets a bit dull. GTA 3 Cheats for the PC. Grand Theft Auto III is an open-world adventure shooter game played from a third-person perspective. It is set in fictional Liberty City from the Grand Theft Auto series. For Grand Theft Auto III on the PC, GameFAQs has 55 cheat codes and secrets.

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Cheatbook For Gta 3 Pdf

Grand Theft Auto 3. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, Get exclusive Grand Theft Auto 3 trainers at Cheat Happens. Welcome to my Featured Guide for Grand Theft Auto 3. Here you will I've included checklists in pdf format, to help you keep track of your progress in the game.

Like all Grand Theft Auto games, GTA 3 includes a range of cheats with which players can spice up the game if regular gameplay gets a bit dull, or if you need help to get past a particularly tough mission. In the GTA 3 era, "owning" vehicles didn't work like it does in the GTA 5 era for example, and overall less emphasis was placed on individual vehicle types, so don't expect to find a lot of spawn cheats here. While many PC games have you enter cheat codes by opening the dev command line, or by typing them into a specific cheat menu point or outright selecting them from a list, ugh , Grand Theft Auto 3 simplifies the process by accepting cheat commands typed in during regular gameplay, without even needing to pause the game - WIN! Depending on your keybindings, this will likely mean that your character will react to input, but that isn't an issue and the cheat system is designed this way. Even if our silent, stoic Claude is jumping or flailing about, the game is accepting the commands. With most of the cheats, entering them a second time will deactivate the cheat effect. Activating the skin changing cheat repeatedly will cycle through various character models, while weather effect cheats can be deactivated by activating a different weather effect cheat, as inputing the same code multiple times will just overwrite the current weath with the same type. This means shutting off the game won't undo the effect, and the only way to play the game with NPCs behaving like normal is to start a new game entirely.

Wanted Gold - You achieved the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer.

Warm Coffee Bronze - You were invited into your girlfriend's house. Wheelie Rider Bronze - You completed a foot wheelie on a motorbike. You Won! Bronze - You have completed the story. Liberty City Minute 30 - Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours. Friend Achievements Driving Mr. Bellic 10 - Unlock the taxi special ability. Retail Therapy 10 - Unlock the special ability to download guns from a friend.

Dial B For Bomb 10 - Unlock the special ability to phone for a bomb to be placed. Pool Shark 10 Beat a friend at Pool. Gobble Gobble 10 - Score three strikes in a row a turkey in pin bowling.

Order Fulfilled 10 - Complete all 10 Exotic Exports orders. You Got The Message 20 - Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text message.

No More Strangers 5 - Meet all the random characters. Cleaned the Mean Streets 20 - Captured 20 Criminals through the police computer. Manhunt 15 - Complete the Most Wanted side missions from the police computer. Endangered Species 50 - Collect every hidden package in the game.

Assassin's Greed 20 - Complete all nine assassin missions. Wheelie Rider 30 - Do a wheelie lasting at leased feet on a motorbike. Rolled Over 30 - Do five car rolls in a row from one crash. Walk Free 50 - Lose a 4-star Wanted Level by outrunning the cops.

Chain Reaction 20 - Blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. Genetically Superior 25 - Come in first in 20 single-player street races. It'll Cost Ya 5 - Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another.

Sightseer 5 - Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City. Warm coffee 5 - Date a girl until you are invited into her house. Under The Radar 40 - Fly underneath the main water-spanning bridges in the game with a helicopter. Multiplayer Achievements Teamplayer 10 - Kill five players who are not on your team, in any ranked multiplayer team game. Cut Your Teeth 5 - Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer. Join The Midnight Club 10 - Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much.

Damage must be enabled. Top The Midnight Club 20 - Come in first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic 30 - Win all ranked multiplayer variations all races and "Cops 'n Crooks" as both sides. Wanted 20 - Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer. Dwayne will call and say you can have Playboy's house. Search the house for Playboy's closet and look through the clothes. The GTA 3 Outfit should be there.

A new station should appear, which will play all your personal MP3 songs. When you are assigned a new fire to put out, press F1 to start a replay, then F1 again to cancel it. The fire will be immediately extinguished. Drive close to the target vehicle, and press ESC to call up the options menu. In this directory, you will find the file handling.

Here you can change the weight of the car column A, higher is better and it's crash damage multiplier column Y, lower is better, 0 means no crash damage , in order to make any car have the weight of a tank, and take no damage from crashes. The file itself gives good pointers towards which values should be changed, and you should backup any files you intend to edit. The limits mentioned in the file are just recommendations, you really can put in anything you want.

When done, just restart the game, and you edited police car will push vehicles like a Fire Engine, and take absolutely no damage from crashing. Get into your Tank, turn the turret degrees so it's pointing backwards and start firing the cannon rapidly. Continue doing this until you gain altitude.

To turn, just turn the turret slightly. Avoid the tall buildings and you'll do just fine! And you save the game with the taxi lightless so it stays like that. During the mission, the vehicle will be BP.

It will be normal before and after the mission. Flip the Bobcat over then push it to your hideout. Don't worry about the rest of the packages, as the game will generate another bobcat in town. During the race, flip over one of the cheetahs than push it to your garage.

Do not let it out of your sight, and wait until the turismo mission has finished. BulletProof Patriot: This vehicle can be obtained after completing the "Marked Man" mission from Ray. After damaging the vehicle, drive it to your hideout, and blow it up in your garage. Shoot the vehicle to blow it up, then push it to your garage. Instead, park a vehicle near the wall on the side of the building, then enter the speed-up cheat code, then run between the vehicle and the wall, this will cause you to walk-through the wall.

Then enter the Stretch and backup into the blue field, the vehicle will regenerate. Afterwards, drive it to your Staunton hideout by flying over the Callahan bridge using the dodo physics code. Head to 8-Ball's bombshop, rig the car with a timer bomb, then activate the car-bomb in your garage and leave, don't let the door shut! After the vehicle explodes, walk out letting the door shut, so the vehicle regenerates.

Do a lot of vigilante missions until you get like 1 or 2 police bribes in your safe house, now if you're fast enough, you'll get there before they get you. Once you do this all the items you should have picked will respawn and you can pick them up again.

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Do this as many times as needed. When you collect all 6 packages, stop the boat, leave the steering wheel, and shoot at the moon!!!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The moon which is bigger than the normal will become smaller! You can try this many times! Hint: Submitted by: dimitris In staunton island, you can find a car i don't remember well the car's name, it was something like "Yurt", usually driven by the colombians and has leopard seats!

Just get in it, and press num4, num5, or num!!! You only need good syncronisation to make the car hop high! Hints: Submitted by: Ashley Wilson 1. They will be too afraid to service it. When you find secret packages in multiples of 10, you get weapons delivered at your door-step. The order is as follows: 10 sec.

You might- Good Luck! Complete multiples of 5 consecutive missions to get special bonuses! Locations of some cars throughout Liberty city: a. Banshee: Near 8-ball's place in Portland- inside the glass showroom. There is also a secret package nearby. Mafia Sentinel: In front of Salvatore's House.

You can find two of them any time. Wanted Level 5 gets activated only after getting to 2nd island, and Level 6 after 3rd. Go to crevices in buildings to find secret packets, if you want to play fair.

There is a payphone near Joey's place where you can find more missions. It doesn't show up in the map. Do not save the game after you have activated the cheat in which people fight each other. If you do, you'll never be able to walk safely anywhere outside your car. Don't use the tank cheat when you are in a car.

The tank will appear on top the car, causing it to explode! Worst cars to ride when speed is a factor for you: a. Stallion also Diablo Stallion b. Idaho c. Perennial Hints: Submitted by: Psykocyber Ambulance Mission Rewards: Complete 35 ambulance missions to get a heart at your hideout. Complete 70 ambulance missions to get an adrenaline pill at your hideout.

GTA- 3 cheat | Cheating In Video Games | Nintendo

Get onto Level 12 in an ambulance mission and you will get the infinite run cheat. Do Taxi Missions with a Different Car Drive up to a taxi in the car you intend to use. When you are assigned a new fire to put out, press F1 to start a replay, then F1 again to cancel it. The fire will be immediately extinguished.


Easy Vigilante Missions When in a police car, enforcer, fbi car, or rhino, start the vigilante missions. Drive close to the target vehicle, and press ESC to call up the options menu. Tip for Entering Codes Codes can still be entered while the game is paused at the menu screen.

Hit Esc to pause the game, then type the codes desired. The codes' effects will take place once you unpause. This trick does work for entering multiple codes at once, and is especially useful when you must enter codes quickly. Flame-Thrower At Your Hideout Complete 20 fire mission on each island to get a flamethrower at each hideout. Hidden Package Rewards Each of these weapons are unlocked at your hideout after getting a certain number of hidden packages.

GTA 3 Cheats for the PC

Police Bribes At Hideout Complete 10 vigilante missions on one island to get a police bribe at your hideout. Complete 20 vigilante missions on each island to get a total of 6 police bribes at each hideout. Unlock The Borgine Taxi Complete at least taxi missions to unlock a new, faster taxi. Here is a little hint how to kill them easier. Get a fast car and drive very close to criminal's car. Then type nopoliceplease and the criminal will step out of the car. If you want to do that, the police must not chase you.

Crashing vehicles is a cool way! You could run 'em ver with a vehicle too! This can be used to your advantage. It's easy, just hop onto the roof of a passing car and fire a few shots into it. The reaction of the driver will be sure to propel you to safety as and when needed. Don't bother hi-jacking a car when in danger, just make sure you get on a car roof and presto, the cops can't catch you up there!

Plus, riding around town on another person's speeding car makes for a great mobile turret, it's great fun, trust me, lol, the things that occur when you're riding the roofs of other peoples cars are just hillarious! Behind our hideout! Hint: Submitted by: nickscarface This is a tip more than a cheat.

If you are having serious trouble with the Kenji missions, go straight to the Donald Love missions and get to the one where you kill Kenji in the Cartel Cruiser.

After you complete this mission the Kenji missions are cancelled. Hint: Submitted by: Muhammad Umer when u want to go shorewale from staunton island u have to reach the rockstar stadium, when u reach the stadium u will see a road on the right side don't go on that road pass the road and the silver building and u will see a road on the again right side a tunnel is starting on in the tunnel and go where u wanna go.

Hint: Submitted by: Siddharth Goswami If you want to make sex with girl, get a car which has capacity for seating two person. Then move and stop to a girl who has weared black clothes looks like call girl. She will make move and sit after some time. Then park the car somewhere on grass. Then watch the show. If u have problems doing the the mission bomb da base actii just do this when u get to the dock and get in the blue light a cinematic takes place after that 8-ball comes out and hides behind one of the boxes before he hides run u r vehicle over him but slowly he should not be dead when he is under u r vehicle get out and start shooting the colombians but fast becuase 8-ball comes after a while but u also have enough time if u have less bullets just type gunsgunsguns as much as u want.

Gopinath Go to home in second island, from entrance go right side of main road and on the left you see a "gasoline" red banner, go inside the narrow white road leading to another main road, just opposite there is a "3" stored car parking garage, go to the top "third" floor you see a racing sloped ramp leading up to a road park below, from ramp just on opposite you see a zebra crossing white lines painted on the floor and there you see a single taxi parked there, remove that taxi from there for clearing the take off path.

Now pick a faster sport car or the taxi itself, go back to that end,and type the gravity cheat "chittychittybb" and speed up your car towards the sloped ramp and take off from the building towards the park road. Fly Traffic: Submitted by: Mohsin Bhatti if you want to fly the traffic cars just get out from your car and type "bang" 10 times you will see that the traffic cars are flying.

Go Everywhere: Submitted by: Rohan When you start to play the game you can not go everywhere in the other city's by bridge because roads are closed but i can tell you how to go there. First go in a subway and travel by train to anywhere you want to go. You can also take a car in the subway, After you reach there you cant get on the main road because subways are also closed.

So stand in front of a running train in the middle of the track and let the train go over you. Due to some technical problem you will go under the land and something rubbish happens and you find yourself on the main road. Try this repeatedly.

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