According to the README file from "Asterisk has also been 'ported' and reportedly runs properly on other operating systems as well, including Sun. the Open Source Asterisk (and later) releases. This is because To create a TIFF from an A4-size (mm x mm) PDF file, use the following command. we do point out any differences in version where relevant, such as the change The func_devstate application is part of Asterisk , but Russell Bryant.

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Asterisk 1.6 Pdf

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony is published under the Creative Commons numbers such as , , and (in the future we will likely see , , , . 1 Asterisk and VoIP: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Network The Asterisk x release process So far we have branches, which are , Unterschied zwischen klassischer Telefonanlage und Asterisk · Hilfe, ich habe immer noch ein Problem mit Asterisk! Asterisk oder ?

This preview shows page 1 - 4 out of 33 pages. Subscribe to view the full document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. Kathleen Senior High School. Asterisk configuration guide ABE 1. Special Notes Asterisk Setup and Programming Asterisk Operational Caveats Certification Overview Configuration Guide Asterisk Version and Feature Requirements Asterisk Configuration Files Appendix - Other Asterisk Configuration Files Appendix — Telephone Configuration in sip.

Appendix — Telephone Configuration in sip. Appendix - G. This document provides a configuration guide to assist Asterisk Business Edition C. This testing is functional in nature, typically one call at a time. No load testing was performed. Special Notes 2. Asterisk Business Edition C. Support for Asterisk Business Edition is available from your Digium reseller or directly from Digium in accordance with the terms of the Digium Asterisk Business Edition subscription.

Please have your Asterisk Business Edition subscription key available for expedited assistance. You've reached the end of this preview. Share this link with a friend: Other Related Materials pages. Ask a homework question - tutors are online. Park C. ParkAndAnnounce C. ParkedCall C. PauseMonitor C. PauseQueueMember C. Pickup C. PickupChan C.

Playback C. Playtones C. PrivacyManager C. Proceeding C. Progress C. Queue C. QueueLog C. RaiseException C. Random C. Read C. ReadExten C. ReadFile C. RealTime C. RealTimeUpdate C. ReceiveFAX C. Record C. RemoveQueueMember C. ResetCDR C. ResponseTimeout C. RetryDial C. Return C. Ringing C. SayAlpha C.

SayDigits C. SayNumber C. SayPhonetic C. SayUnixTime C. SendFAX C. SendImage C.

SendText C. SendURL C. Set C. SetAccount C. SetCallerID C. SetCallerPres C. SetGlobalVar C. SetGroup C. SetLanguage C.

SetMusicOnHold C. SetTransferCapability C. SetVar C. SIPdtmfMode C. SMS C. SoftHangup C. Sort C. StackPop C. StartMusicOnHold C. StopMixMonitor C.

Simionovich N. Asterisk 1.6

StopMonitor C. StopMusicOnHold C. StopPlaytones C. System C. Transfer C. TryExec C. TrySystem C. UnpauseMonitor C. UnpauseQueueMember C. UserEvent C. Verbose C. VMAuthenticate C. VoiceMail C. VoiceMailMain C. Wait C. WaitExten C. WaitForNoise C. WaitForRing C.

Asterisk configuration guide ABE 1.6.pdf - AT&T IP Flexible...

WaitForSilence C. WaitMusicOnHold C. WaitUntil C. While C. Zapateller C. ZapBarge C. ZapRAS C. ZapScan C. ZapSendKeypadFacility D. Funktionen im Dialplan D. AGC D. CDR D. CURL D. CUT D.



AGI-Befehle E. EXEC E. NOOP E. AMI-Befehle F. AbsoluteTimeout F. AgentCallbackLogin F. AgentLogoff F. Agents F. AGI F. Atxfer F. Bridge F. Challenge F. ChangeMonitor F. Command F. CoreSettings F. CoreShowChannels F. CoreStatus F.

CreateConfig F. DBDel F. DBDelTree F. DBGet F. DBPut F. Events F. ExtensionState F. GetConfig F. Getvar F.

Hangup F. IAXnetstats F. IAXpeerlist F. IAXpeers F. JabberSend F. ListCategories F. ListCommands F. Login F. Logoff F. MailboxCount F.

MailboxStatus F. MeetmeList F. MeetmeMute F. MeetmeUnmute F. ModuleCheck F. ModuleLoad F. Monitor F. Originate F. Park F. ParkedCalls F. PauseMonitor F. Ping F. QueueAdd F. QueueLog F. QueuePause F. QueuePenalty F.

QueueRemove F. QueueRule F.

Simionovich N. Asterisk [PDF] - Все для студента

Queues F. QueueStatus F. QueueSummary F. Redirect F. Reload F. SendText F. Setvar F. ShowDialPlan F. SIPnotify F. SIPpeers F. SIPqualifypeer F. SIPshowpeer F. SIPshowregistry F. Status F. StopMonitor F. UnpauseMonitor F. UpdateConfig F. UserEvent F. VoicemailUsersList F. WaitEvent F. ZapDialOffhook F. ZapDNDoff F. ZapDNDon F. ZapHangup F. ZapRestart F. ZapShowChannels F. ZapTransfer G. Konfigurations-Templates G. Templates anlegen G.

Templates verwenden Beispiel H. Upgrade von Asterisk 1.

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