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Title Slide of transport-phenomena-2nd-ed-by-bird-stewart-lightfoot-solution- manual. Solutions to Transport Phenomena (Bird) Second Edition (Full) Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 5th Edition Welty Solutions manual. Transport Phenomena (R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart & Edwi. Solution to Transport Phenomena- R BYRON BIRD - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Transport phenomena bird solution.

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Transport Phenomena Bird Solution Pdf

Solutions Manual to accompany - Bird/Stewart/Lightfoot: Transport Phenomena, 1st ed., Ricardo Oaks. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Download pdf. Sorry, this document isn't available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the 'Download' button above. Transport Phenomena - Bird-Stewart-Lightfoot - Second .. Ex. 2 Transport from a Bina y External Momentum Balances Solution .

Cindy has been a writer for a number of years. She enjoys sharing her life experiences and what they have taught her. When I refer to it to help me interpret my dreams, it is seldom wrong. It inspired me to write this article. Below, you will find a lengthy list of dream elements and what they might mean. I have listed them in alphabetical order so that if you want to look up "origami" or "flying" or "teeth," for example, you can scroll down to O, F, or T below and find the interpretation you're looking for. For obvious reasons, I could not list every symbolic element here, but if you have a dream about something that is not on this list I highly recommend you attempt to source a copy of the book for yourselves. This list includes many of the most common things that happen in dreams, but of course, far more unusual animals, events, and ideas come up while we're sleeping, hence why this book is a very useful tool to have in your home.

You may, from time to time, have to suffer some injustice in the form of undue criticism, but a successful future will surely be yours if you dreamed of the lady with the scales. If the kangaroo was jumping and had a young one in her pouch, it signifies an unexpected and exciting trip.

Hold on to your money— you're going to need it. If you were kidnapped, you are likely to be embarrassed by the company you have been keeping; a change of companions would probably be beneficial. However, if you did the kidnapping, you are being warned to guard your valuables against theft or loss, and if you can't do that, then be sure your insurance is in order. To dream of a kidnapping in which you were not personally involved is a sign of sudden important changes in the offing.

If you killed someone, whether intentionally or by accident, it signifies a period of severe emotional stress during which you must make a heroic effort to control your temper. Witnessing a killing portends a change which will not be entirely to your liking.

Seeing others kill insects or animals prophesies help from friendly sources, but killing them yourself predicts that you will overcome obstacles through your own efforts. The meaning of a dream kiss depends on the circumstances involved. If the kissing was pleasant and proper, a sincere token of affection, it predicts happiness and contentment, but if it was of a perfunctory, meaningless, insincere, or illicit in nature, it signifies a false friend or disappointment in a love affair.

Kissing babies or small children forecasts success in a difficult undertaking. Trying to avoid a kiss from someone you dislike portends a minor illness or vexing experience.

A sharp knife signifies personal strife; a rusty one means family troubles, and a broken one indicates failure in love. An open switchblade knife or penknife predicts legal troubles; a closed one suggests financial reverses, and a dull one portends hard work with little reward. To cut yourself with a knife is a warning that you could be embarrassed by a neglected creditor; don't stretch goodwill too far.

Obviously another obstacle dream. If you found your way out or were not worried by the maze, you can expect to solve your problems with a minimum of effort; however, if you were lost of frightened, you can expect to be frustrated by some puzzling opposition and a change of direction might be advisable.

The interpretation of this dream depends on its various aspects, such as the condition of the water, the weather, etc.

SOLUTION - Transport Phenomena, 2nd Edition

A dream featuring a narrow or country lane is a caution to be more discreet in your affairs with the opposite sex. A swinging lantern is a warning of danger through indiscriminate sex relations; cool it! If your dream featured a lantern blown out by the wind, you are likely to have some minor legal troubles. Losing your voice is a warning not to gamble or take any unnecessary risk for the next few weeks.

If you were late, it's your conscience telling you to refrain from making promises you can't keep; if others were late, it's a warning that you need to curb your extravagance to avoid financial difficulties. Molten rock from a volcano is a sign that your social life will become more exciting. You may have to juggle your budget to keep up, but you should find the effort worthwhile.

To see lavender growing or to smell its aroma in a dream predicts pleasant affairs with the opposite sex. If, in your dream, you were seriously trying to learn a new skill, language, or subject which you found difficult, the dream is telling you that you may have bitten off more than you can chew and you had better rethink your situation. On the other hand if the dreamed learning came easy, it predicts a rise in prestige through your own diligent efforts.

Anything made of leather is, as a general rule, a lucky omen, but the meaning will be modified by the type of leather, the action, and the article involved. This repulsive bloodsucker predicts that you are likely to have an unexpected demand on your resources, but don't get depressed— the strain will be temporary. A generally fortunate omen but particularly auspicious for those engaged in artistic or creative activities.

Being licked by an animal predicts that you will shortly be asked to advise a friend or relative in a serious matter; be as helpful as possible but avoid getting personally involved. Being licked by a baby forecasts a happy outcome to your problems.

If your dream concerned licking something yourself, it indicates satisfaction in passing small matters. If you told lies, you can expect to have trouble due to your own foolish behavior; but if your dream featured others telling whoppers, it predicts help from an unexpected source.

Thin or cruel lips are a warning against making hast judgement of others. Beautiful lips signify a successful sex life and happiness in love. Thick, overly sensual, or ugly lips forecast failure in love but success in business. Chapped, dry, or sore lips indicate a loss of status or business reverses. Children's or a baby's lips are a sign of true friendship where you least expected it. This is generally an obstacle dream, and its meaning must be related to the article lost and whether or not you eventually found it.

If you lost something of great value, the dream is warning you that if you try to be too sharp you can end up cutting yourself. Family troubles are forecast in any dream concerning a lottery or lottery tickets.

Sincere love is a forecast of happiness and contentment through a healthy and intelligent adjustment to the conditions of life, but illicit love or sheer lust is a portent of disappointment or failure due to your own greed.

Observing the lovemaking of others predicts success in your current undertakings. Suffering any form of upper respiratory discomfort is a warning to see your doctor, unless you actually have a chest complaint, in which case the dream has no special significance. Any form of magic predicts unexpected changes. You are flogging a dead horse in regards to a matter of unrequited love or personal friendship, and these birds are telling you that now is the hour to give up this enervating exercise.

New interests will soon console you. The meaning of this dream depends on your circumstances. If the maid works for you, it is a good omen if you actually have one; if not, it signifies loss of finances or status. For a woman to dream of being a maid is a sign that she can expect to regain lost social status. If the mansion was luxuriously furnished, be prepared to accept some changes that will not be to your liking; however, if it was empty or in bad condition, you can expect the change to be for the better, although it may not at first appear that way.

Maps, as one would expect, signify journeys and changes. The more brightly colored the map, the happier the forecast. If you were drawing a map, the travel or change will have a lucky aspect providing you used a pencil; if you used a pen, it signifies complications.

Toasted or plain, those mushy morsels signify an unusual new friend of the opposite sex. To dream of being a martyr is a warning that your greed could alienate those you care about; any other dream concerning martyrdom foretells recognition for work well done, either yours or that of someone close to you. You can expect a sudden change of events which will make a beneficial alteration in your future prospects.

Deceit from an unsuspected quarter is indicated in a dream of a person or people disguised by a mask. If you wore one yourself, it predicts that you will end up with a profit from a scheme intended to cheat you. A mermaid is a symbol of your current love or personal affairs, and its meaning depends on the nature of the action and the general atmosphere of the dream. If those elements were pleasant, you can expect things to go well, but if they were unpleasant or generated a feeling of confusion or dissatisfaction, the dream portends disappointment.

To dream of working in any kind of mine predicts eventual wealth through your own efforts. To see yourself in a mirror is a warning of deceit among your friends, and to see others reflected portends dishonesty in your associates.

An angry mob is a warning that some activity which you are being urged to join could prove dangerous. Be firmly cautious. If you dream of being aware of your own corpse in a morgue, it is warning you to take better care of your health. A medical checkup would probably prove beneficial. Any smoothly running motor is an omen of solid progress, but if it gives any trouble or won't start, it suggests that a reassessment of your aims with an eye to change of direction might prove advantageous.

Mushrooms growing forecast the accumulation of wealth through intelligent speculation. Picking the mushrooms predicts prosperity and protection; eating them signifies an improvement in status due to influential contacts. A dream concerning any of the great mythical characters or any of the ancient myths is telling you that flattery can get you everywhere, so put your tongue in your cheek and start spreading the oil. If the nakedness was your own, you can expect a stroke of money luck or an improvement in circumstances, but dreaming of others being naked suggests that you will inadvertently uncover a deception within your closest circle.

Being nauseous portends a challenge to your honesty or integrity; be on guard against "help" from untrustworthy friends or associates. If it concerned your own navel, it is likely you will soon be considering a new venture which could produce long-term benefits. If it was someone else's navel, this indicates a new love affair in the making. A dream of Buddha contemplating his navel augurs a period of good fortune.

A helping a neighbor predicts an unexpected gift or minor legacy, but quarreling with neighbors is a warning of possible troubles. An adult taking nourishment through a nipple means that your personal debts are on the verge of getting out of hand, but if it's a baby or a child, there will be a happy release from worry. If your dream was of the erotic type, the meaning depends on the details. A dream of firm pleasantly colored nipples is a favorable omen and if they were very large, they predict an increase in material wealth.

Painful or ulcerated nipples warn you that you could do with a medical check-up. Having more than two signifies that your only sex problem will be discretion in your choice of partners. You'll have no lack of opportunity. Being touched by someone else's nipples indicates happy tidings. A feeling of numbness generally arises from an external physical condition such as too tight bedclothes or lying in an awkward position; however, it could indicate that a medical checkup would be a good idea.

A professional nurse signifies marriage for the single and family unity for the married, unless you a trained nurse or in daily contact with them, in which case the dream has no prophetic significance. Success of an important magnitude in an exciting new endeavor is forecast. Occult matters predict that you will come into possession of some confidential information which will be of great advantage to you.

These exotic blooms are a warning to curb either your extravagance or your exotic habits, whichever applies. A warning that your excesses or your repressions whichever applies could get you into trouble; moderation is the key to contentment.

You are being warned that your self-centered attitude could lose you a valuable friendship if your dream featured an orphanage, but any dream concerning orphans predicts a sudden gain in material wealth from a previously unknown source or an unexpected legacy.

An owl in the house forecasts family discord. This lovable Chinese bear is telling you that if you'll just stop feeding your worries, they'll go away. If the use of the parachute was trouble-free, you can expect a happy love life, but if there was any difficulty involved, you are likely to be let down by someone on whom you relied. Generally, this disability, whether your own or someone else's, suggests an emotional conflict or sexual inhibition.

If the paralysis was total, it is likely that you are fighting your conscience over something you want to do and feel you shouldn't. If the paralysis was only partial, it indicates a fear of frigidity, impotence, or latent homosexuality. Alternatively, this dream could arise from a repressed desire for freedom from responsibility or from an organic malfunction.

In any case, medical or psychological advice would be beneficial. A public park predicts exciting love affairs, unless it was untidy or in poor condition, in which case it portends a lonely period or readjustment.

A broad path predicts a happy life and good friends, but a narrow one portends struggle and deceit; however, you can overcome it by being cautious in your close associations. A sudden change of plans will upset your regular routine; however, if you can manage to accept the change without a display of undue anxiety, it will prove to be ultimately beneficial.

A new or shiny penny portends deceit in someone you trust; giving pennies away predicts money luck, but receiving a penny or pennies indicates financial loss. This dream is reminding you that the formula for success is inspiration plus perspiration, so don't rest on your oars; if you want to enjoy the rewards, you'll have to endure the efforts. Looking at photographs forecasts the pleasing renewal of an old friendship.

The meaning depends entirely on the general atmosphere pleasant or awkward and on the details of the other elements involved, which must be correlated. Storybook-type pirates suggest a strong inclination to enter into an exciting new venture, but be cautious about your associates and investigate before you invest. Plow Plough. A horse drawn plow signifies slow but steady progress in all that concerns you; a motor drawn plow is a forecast of achievement with a strong assist from lady luck.

Police are a symbol of security in your life, and even if your dream involved trouble with them, it is an omen that signifies that you will get unexpected help with a current problem. A swimming pool is a symbol of social gaiety, unless it was empty, dirty, or in poor condition, in which case it is a warning against gambling or speculation. A garden pool is a happy omen for love affairs.

Playing pool suggests that you would benefit from cultivating new interests and new companions. Sitting on a porch forecasts personal contentment, but sleeping on one portends social embarrassment. If the prayer was yours, peace of mind and contentment with your lot in life are promised; if you heard others pray, it is a sign of loyal and lasting friendship. For a woman, this dream forecasts a happy increase in material wealth, but for a man, it is a warning against indiscriminate sexual relations.

Receiving a prize suggests that you will be successful in your current endeavors; giving a prize indicates an increase in material wealth, possibly through an inheritance.

You are being cautioned to keep your private affairs to yourself for the next few weeks and to avoid being drawn into the personal affairs of others. If you dreamed of having something published, you can expect an improvement in your circumstances; but if it involved being or meeting a publisher, it is a warning that you should guard against financial loss by relying on competent advice rather than on your own judgement.

An exciting new interest in life is forecast if your dream concerned your own pulse, but if it featured any other pulse, it is cautioning you against getting too confidential too soon with recent acquaintances. A puncture is telling you to stop being a victim of your own inflexibility.

Try giving a chance to someone else's ideas occasionally; you might discover new horizons. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by a long overdue payment or repayment if you dreamed of finding a purse, but if you lost one, it signifies disillusionment with a friend or lover.

Solution Manual Transport Phenomena Bird 1st Edition

An obstacle dream; its meaning will relate to whether or how easily you solved it. You can expect a pleasant change of pace possibly foreign travel unless the pyramid was lying on its side, inverted, or damaged, in which case it suggests approaching family or financial worries. This big snake signifies that someone is trying to squeeze you by intimidation. No matter how strong the pressure, stand your ground and victory will be yours.

A very large quantity of anything suggests you are in danger of being overwhelmed by your responsibilities; keep calm and you'll find that you can manage. A benefit of family advice or generosity is forecast in a dream of waiting in a queue or observing one. Pulling someone or something out of quicksand predicts a steadily increasing income; sinking in quicksand is a strong warning against mixing or prying into the personal affairs of others.

Many rabbits signify an increase in responsibilities which will be pleasant rather than onerous; rabbit fur or anything made of it is a sign that you will eventually be able to afford luxuries. Winning a raffle is a straightforward omen of an upcoming lucky phase. If you're inclined to take an occasional gamble, this would be a propitious time to do it.

The meaning depends on various elements, such as the condition and kind of water, which must be correlated to the action, but as a general guide: Whatever the context may have been, if the main feature of your dream was a rainbow, it predicts the end of all your troubles followed by great happiness. Whatever form it took, this act is a warning to avoid careless companions or behavior. These rodents portend trouble due to active but hidden jealousy; however, if they were white you will be protected by benign forces.

If you heard them gnawing but didn't actually see them, it is a warning that you are wasting your life in meaningless pursuits. Reading is a generally favorable omen signifying progress. If you were reading aloud, it predicts help from outside sources; to hear someone else read foretells of future comfort and peace of mind.

If you dreamed of being relieved, you can be sure that better times are just around the corner. Small troubles are portended if your dream featured the interior of a church, but experiencing a spiritual feeling augurs contentment and peace of mind.

Avoid all unnecessary risks, as you are likely to be in an accident-prone phase for a few weeks following a dream of being rescued; but if your dream involved rescuing someone else, or others being rescued, it signifies sudden success in overcoming a previously sticky obstacle. Chagrin and personal problems arising from your lack of sympathy with any viewpoint except your own are indicated in a dream of revenge.

Remember that you must give consideration if you expect to get it. To receive a reward predicts an unusual stroke of luck; to offer one is a caution against complacency. If your dream concerned being more affluent than you actually are, it is, unfortunately, a contradictory omen that portends a protracted period of patience before your circumstances will improve.

Losing your valuables in a robbery signifies unexpected gain, unless the robbery involved a loss of money, in which case it is a warning to be careful how you handle your cash. Rocking Horse. Whether you rode it yourself or saw someone else sitting on it, a rocking horse is a fortunate omen for your personal interests.

Telling or counting the beads of a rosary is a sign of greater contentment than you have previously known. If you dreamed of rowing a boat or of being rowed in one, you can expect to make steady progress along your chosen path.

Ancient ruins are a lucky omen of improving conditions, but a contemporary ruin is a forecast of unhappy news concerning a close friend or relative. Running suggests that you are involved in a situation or obligation from which you would like to escape; talk it over with a competent adviser of friend before the resentment has serious repercussions. Being unable to run indicates a lack of self-confidence. Try asserting yourself now and then and you might be surprised at the results.

An increase in material possessions through a legacy or valuable gift is forecast in a dream of going to a sale; the sale of personal belongings predicts an approaching increase in income. In all respects an excellent omen, for even if you spilled the salt, all difficulty will be short in duration.

Being a patient in a sanitarium is a sign that you should take better care of your health, but a dream of visiting someone else there suggests you are worrying needlessly. In either case, a medical checkup is likely to prove beneficial. Whether the sand was on a beach, in your food, or in your shoes, it is warning you to be wary of new acquaintance who will try to exploit you.

Scales are a symbol of important decisions to be made; to scale a fish is a sign that you will uncover a false friend. Scissors are thought to portend a broken relationship, but to use scissors signifies that you can outwit a jealous competitor with prompt action. To hear the screams of others signifies that you are likely to hear distressing news; however, screaming yourself is considered a fortunate omen.


A warning not to let foolish pride stand in the way of accepting needed help. Most authorities seem to agree that to be aware of your own shadow is a sign of a beneficial legal matter like an inheritance or legacy. However, if the shadows were not your own, their meaning must be gleaned by correlating the other details of your dream.

The shadow of a dead person is an indication of a temporary obstacle; the shadow of a living person is believed to be a warning against travel or unnecessary risks for a few week's time. An omen of danger from dishonest friends or associates; be extra cautious in all financial matters for the time being. If it's your own shyness, it is a forecast of success in your current undertakings, but the shyness of others means you are likely to be thwarted in by the sudden backing out of someone you rely on.

A skeleton predicts news of a legacy, unless it was seen as part of a medical display or in a museum, in which case it augurs new and interesting friends and events. To dream of losing your footing on something slippery is a warning to be more selective about where you place your confidence.

Snake s. In its psychological interpretation, a snake in your dream is a phallic symbol, and to dream of one, especially if it was coiled around you or otherwise draped on your body, is a warning that you may be a slave to either your sexual passions or repressions. However, according to the oracles, snakes are warnings of various troubles, obstacles, or treachery. Of course the colors and other details must be carefully considered, but as a general rule,.

If you sneezed, it means that nothing is likely to upset your applecart for some time to come, but if your dream concerned others sneezing, the indication is that you may have to do a bit of scheming or fighting to get what you want: Eating something sour suggests that you may be in danger of sacrificing personal happiness for material success: An exciting love life is usually the message in a dream of using a spear, especially if it was used to catch fish; however, if you're not eligible or susceptible, the dream suggests a clearing of obstacles in your path.

Spiders— with one exception see Tarantula — are a sign of general good luck. To kill one signifies good news; if it was spinning, it augurs approaching money; if it was climbing a wall, the dream is a harbinger of success in all that concerns you most deeply. Staggering is a caution against the flattery of those who wish to exploit you; if your dream concerned others staggering, you can expect to be asked to help a friend who is in trouble.

This is a dream symbol for an influential person, so you must interpret according to the action. For example, if you found one, it suggests you will encounter an important new friendship. Theft is a warning to be extra cautious in money or investment matters for the next few months, unless you were caught, which signifies good luck.

An obstacle dream pertaining to financial stress. Its meaning depends on the outcome of the dreamed action. If you succeeded in releasing yourself or were released by someone else, you are likely to get unexpected help out of your difficulties; otherwise, you must be prepared for a period of sharp economy.

This dream is thought to symbolize the general flow of life forces, so if in your dream the stream was clear and flowed smoothly, you can expect your life pattern to follow likewise. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter obstacles in ratio to the turgidity or roughness of the water. Street s. Strange streets signify profitable new ventures or associations. Curving or crooked ones indicate travel and surprises. A very long street suggests that you will need much patience before you get what you want.

If your dream featured a striptease act of any kind, it suggests that you are contemplating some sort of indiscreet behavior; the price will be higher than you think possible, so avoid it.

Pleasant social times are in store for you, and if by chance you were able to tell the time by it, you are soon likely to realize your deepest wish. Whatever your troubles are, they will be swept away on a happy wave of money luck if your dream featured this menial task.

A suggestion that issues hanging in the balance can be made to swing in your favor if you exercise patience and caution. Don't push. A symbol of renewed sexual vigor or, alternatively, new energy and ideas which should give you pleasure and satisfaction. The tails of domestic animals indicate domestic happiness. Wild animal tails suggest profit after adversity, and fish tails signify successful speculation.

This venomous creature is a strong warning to guard your health, and if it bit you, a medical checkup would be advisable. One must, of course, correlate the action and other details of the dream, but as a general guide:. If the message was pleasant, the dream augurs money luck; otherwise, it is a sign that you must curb your extravagance or suffer difficulties as a consequence. Using a telephone is a warning that you have rivalry where you least expect it. If your dream featured a telephone which was out of order, it portends sad news.

An obstacle dream which suggests that you are an aggressive leader. The meaning depends on whether or not you quenched your thirst. If you did so at a well or a spring, your success will be beyond your highest expectations. To catch your clothes or body on a thorn is a warning that your reputation is being jeopardized by unsavory companions.

A little tactful disentanglement seems to be in order. You are being strongly warned against gambling or speculation if your dream featured any form of threat or threatening atmosphere. Whether you dreamed of being tickled or of tickling someone else, it's warning you against indiscreet relations with the opposite sex.

This may be on either the romantic level or simply in the area of giving confidences. Going to the toilet yourself is a sign of litigation over money or property; if someone else was, you are likely to be surprised by a request for a loan.

Fortunate influences are working in your favor, unless you dreamed of being locked in one, in which case a medical checkup would be advisable. It is a fortunate sign for a man to dream of setting traps, but for a woman it signifies that she has misplaced her trust. An outstanding revelation is likely to follow. Don't get panicked into a hasty decision you may later regret. Play it cool.

Early prosperity is predicted. Digging for it is an augury of improving health, and diving for it forecasts a valuable gift or unexpected legacy. Stick to known paths for the time being. An obstacle dream if you were struggling to get through it, in which case the meaning depends on the outcome of the action. Otherwise, it represents a change, risk, or opportunity which is causing you some mental conflict; talk it over with a trusted friend or adviser before you commit yourself.

These creatures are a symbol of frustrated ambition due to hidden hostility. If you persevere, you may dispel the opposition; however, if after a reasonable time the obstacle remains, you should reassess the position with an eye to altering your aim or your approach to it.

It is a lucky omen to dream of an ugly person; however, if you dreamed of being ugly yourself, it suggests that you must try to cultivate a more outgoing personality if you want to hold on to valued friends. However, if you dreamed of being unfaithful, it signifies that you are, or will shortly be, confronted by an unusual temptation to stray off the lines. Meditate but don't vacillate or you might fall between two stools.

This mythical creature is telling you that you are in for a period of beneficial changes. A paid vacation signifies and increase in income, but if the dreamed vacation was at your own expense, it predicts an unexpected gain or valuable gift. A vampire is a symbol of anxiety and sharp emotional conflict.

It is likely that this dream relates to some ambition which you subconsciously feel is immoral or unethical. Talk it over with a competent friend or adviser. A money vault is a caution against putting on a front which could damage your hopes instead of advancing them.

Vermin pertain to current projects and hopes and foretell setbacks and disappointments, unless you killed them or otherwise got rid of them, in which case the dream predicts unqualified success. An attack of vertigo is a warning against being exploited by the opposite sex. An erupting volcano signifies that you have been ignoring a potentially dangerous situation which you will have to adjust; the sooner you do it, the easier it will be— stop drifting.

A smoking volcano is a sign of a passionate love affair based on deceit; break the habit before it breaks you. An inactive volcano is a warning against new ventures; don't make any important changes for a few months. You are in danger of being led astray by undesirable associates; if you are not capable of resisting the pressure alone, don't be too proud to ask for help. These creatures signify it is time to break off an unrewarding relationship which is retarding your progress.

The meaning of course, depends on the details and the action, but as a general guide, clear calm water is a favourable omen, while rough or murky water signifies difficulties. A dream of drinking cold water is a sign of good luck, but throwing or spilling it on anyone indicates a need to control your temper.

Gently flowing water promises contentment and peace of mind. To dream of the wealth of others indicates that you have no need to doubt the sincerity of your friends; but possessing great wealth yourself portends financial reverses which will in some manner have long range benefits. Although there is considerable variation among the oracles in regard to the meaning of this dream, a consensus seem to agree that it is a symbol of a Happy but brief interlude.

Of course all the details must be correlated and the interpretation thereby modified. A well with a high water level signifies abundance; a low water level indicates a period of difficulties; to draw water from a clear well predicts happiness, from a muddy well disappointment in love; an overflowing well is a warning to be careful in giving confidences, a dry well portends frustration; discovery of a well indicates approaching wealth, but digging a well prophesies hard work for small rewards.

A public well predicts the uncovering of secrets; water rising in a well is a sign your love affairs will flourish, and if you climbed into a well, you are likely to take an unexpected trip; to fall into a well predicts news of an illness, but to drink from one promises joy and success. Other than the foregoing the dream must be interpreted by relating the action to the condition of the water and other details.

This big creature is a splendid dream omen signifying protective influences around you, and if you saw the flukes of its tail, freedom from worry will soon be yours. A dream featuring the whipping of an animal suggests you have some injustice on your conscience; either make amends or try to forget it. Whispering voices heard in your dreams are a warning to control hasty outbursts if you want to avoid unpleasant repercussions; count at least to ten before you speak.

If you whistled in your dream, you are likely to have to cope with some unjust criticism; if you heard others whistling you can expect to have to revise or delay a current project. Making your own will signifies that your health worries are unfounded; if it's someone else's will, unexpected family problems will soon come to your attention. If you felt a brisk steady breeze in your dream, it is a good omen for all your current concerns; but if it came in intermittent gusts, it portends some periods of frustration and delay to be overcome.

A gentle wind predicts approaching good news; a stormy gale forecasts hard work ahead; and to dream of being buffeted by a strong wind indicates that you will have to fight some tough and probably tricky competition to get what you want. Health, happiness, and prosperity are predicted in a dream featuring wine, unless it was being drunk from the bottle, in which case it is a warning that you should take extra precautions to avoid revealing a secret - or having one revealed.

These haggy characters in your dream indicate happy social times ahead, but if you're involved in a love affair, they are a symbol of disenchantment. This animal is, as expected, a symbol of hard times or financial embarrassment, so pull in your belt Facial or skin wrinkles signify a gratifying increase in social popularity. X Rays. These signify good health and release from worry.

If you were looking at your own X-rays, you can expect to have an answer to some past indiscretion. A yacht in your dream is a symbol of financial improvement, and if you were being entertained on it, you are sure to realize your highest hopes.

To dream of being on a yacht in a choppy sea predicts a sudden stroke of money luck. A herd of these striped animals is a warning that your efforts are being expended in the wrong direction; however, if your dream featured a tame one, it predicts gain from an unexpected source.

You'll be seeing new faces in far-off places. If you took a child or children along, your travels will be profitable as well as pleasurable. This article only represents a tiny sample of the meanings of dreams the book contains. I believe everyone should have a copy in their household as it has always been incredibly accurate whenever I have referred to it after a particularly vivid dream.

Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Unfortunately I have realised in recent years that the emailed requests for dream interpretations have got out of hand. My apologies for this becoming necessary.

I can then send you photos of any relevant entries from the book I reviewed here. My brother died 7 years ago my daughter died at 2 days old 43 years ago recently I dreamt my brother was holding my baby girl he passed her to me to change her nappy it was all very peaceful what does this mean pleasel.

It will be up to you to put the information together and work out how it pertains to your own situation though. I had a dream about the Bermuda triangle and it was just like a whirlpool that never stopped, like a never-ending portal, and I was walking around it then I kept being paranoid about it the entire dream!

You would need to use the Contact Author link at the top of the page and send me the details of your dream so I can photograph the relevant entries from the book and email them back to you. I had a dream, there is a women that i liked, we're being close at the dream. We hang out to some party, then head back, the next day, i found her hang herself dead, i cry so hard.

I dreamth i was walking on the beach and the ran for the water when i got in the water there was an edge and my foot went down but i manged to get out of the water in this dream i was scared the water was light brown and clean i could see under the water. At first my mom was driving me to meet with my friends and she droped me off at a clift as i climed down and found my friends we saw a alligator and then we ran away and went to sleep and when i wook up in the dream and i was rollerskateing by myself and when i left that i found my other friends and i asked what they were doing here they said that tgey were always here.

Because your dream is very complex and it would take me some time to sort out and photograph all entries that may be relevant, in this instance I would need to charge you a small amount for my time. I had a dream that I was in a store that resembled one I barely go to, Family dollar, And there were teens my age and older almost up to 17 I believe. They were fighting each other in a way that seemed to be like the video game, Fortnite. Until I found a special weapon and used it.

One kid, who was almost 15, Was tall with dark brown hair and eyes. He tried to attack me to get the weapon, but failed in doing so, because I had used the weapon. After he gave up I jumped on his back saying, "Haha! Now you believe I'm stronger Jorge? Jorge is my best friend's ex which I like but I don't want to like him because it would hurt her but idk why I do As i am on his back, I looked to my left and seen these three kids.

I do not remember what they looked like at all but i do remember they were small and seem distant from where they stood. I slowly lowered my legs to the floor. I remember feeling like the boy, that looked nothing like Jorge, Had told me something that shocked me. The dream had cut to where i was in a prairie field and i was leaning against jorge. He looked like himself this time. I remember all i wanted to feel was his breathing and him holding me.

Then all of a sudden i was showing him how to shoot from a bow and arrow. Like i was teaching him how to live in the wild. Then I saw a tiny skeleton rocking horse,I got on it and rode back and forth.

Suddenly I felt like a threat was near and got off. I put an old woman on the horse, I remember I thought it was Jorge's mom, and put Jorge on it and told them to go. I ran to this hill with a Chinese army, like in Mulan,was chasing me. I ran to a small similar path that got narrow as i ran.

I remembered looking out for a snake. Then as i reached the top of the hill,i realized it was a long drop down. Like a half of a mountain and i looked at the stunning view. Then i looked behind me at the army who was coming closer with spears on fire, like a torch,and i looked back to see a green hill with a cemented bottom. I rolled down,the dream cut to where the army had red flags with a tiger face on it,holding it up. Suddenly something attacked the men the grass was really long and the men were hidden and i remember knowing it was a tiger.

Then my aunt woke me up Was does my dream mean? Hi Crystal, I apologise for the time taken to respond, but I have been away and only just have access to the book this article is about.

Unfortunately I am not a dream interpreter, only a writer who reviewed an excellent, but out of print book. I can then photograph any entries in the book that pertain to your dream and email them back to you. After that you need to put the information together and work our how it applies to your personal circumstances.

I dreamed I was laying in the bed and there was something in thedark pulling my covers off of me I yelled for my mom but my screams were muffled i kept trying to yell anyways and my mom came in she tried to turn the light on but it didnt work then suddenly she froze with a strange look to her as if being possessed i yelled leave her alone and she snapped out of it i told her to grab my hand and was saying mom over and over i woke up yelling mom and couldnt help but feel like something dark was present so i checked on my mom she was fine but this dream felt like it was a warning or something can someone help me figure this out.

Unfortunately I am not a dream interpreter, only someone who found the book this article is based on an excellent resource. What does a dream mean when a person actually has ringing in the ears while half asleep then feels like some hands are trying to tug the blankets down off the person in bed and that person feels the hands pressing hard on the chest.

The person in the dream tries to bite the fingers of the hands tugging at the blankets. Sorry Rosalind, I am not a dream interpreter and can only quote from the book I reviewed here. I would recommend your try and find a copy for your home though, even though it is technically out of print. What does it mean when your walking in the mall and you see your son's Grandma and she's walking with other relatives and you wave and keep walking being happy and someone is calling your name?

Transport Phenomena 2nd Ed by Bird Stewart Lightfoot (Solution Manual)

I rarely dream and even if I do, I don't remember signs of it lol: I am not a dream analyser, just someone who reviewed an excellent book on dream meanings. If you want to email me using the Contact author link I will try and take photos of relevant entries from the book and email them back to you so you can see if it helps you make sense of your dream this is a lot easier and quicker for me than trying to type out all the entries from the book. I lived with a man who sexually abused me.

I was taken by another man who did the same. We kept on seeing the first man around the neighborhood. He looked like the author from goosebumps. I could levitate. We were called home. I was still 5 or 6 but I lived in a band of other 5 and 6 year olds. We were in Girl Scouts uniforms. We were doing super well but then we found an entrance to a cave. To get to this cave you have to swim across a lake, as the entrance to the cave, was in a lake. Caves were always signs of people because bands lived in them.

A guy came out, he was in his 20s and he had blue glowing symbols as his irises and red glowing symbols traveling down his arms. He told us to leave. We said no. It means you join their group or they leave the territory for good. I was 18ish and it was my first time in a new group. There was a 20 year old boy who resembled the werewolf from Twilight and a 23 year old girl with cat ears and she always carried a bow and arrows. There were three others in our group.

This group owned a boat that was only used on land. It was very big and decorative. Their territory was in the middle of no where, but when you said the password and stepped in, you were in a cave. Walking in there were sleeping bags on the floor to the left and towards the back of the cave. There was a bar like situation at the very back of the cave. To the right was a food bar. We got off the boat and went into our territory after a mission and I met everyone. I do not know I got to be in this group.

I liked the boy. I do not know his name. He came up behind me and put his arms around me. We talked for a few minutes and he ended up having sex with me at the bar. We went to bed. The mission the next day was to get something from a farm that was pretty far away.

We took our boat over there. The driveway was through a huge mass of wheat. We got to the house and had to be super silent. A little past the house were two different paths to follow. We followed the one to the right.

We ended up not finishing our mission because the owner of the house chased us out. That night, I got in my sleeping bag and so did the boy, and again we had sex and again he secretly taped it with his tiny camera. I want to figure out the cases of the missing children, so I set out to find some clues. About half a mile from the entrance to our territory, was a river.

The side I was on was gently sloped and the other side was a cliff about four feet tall. Every 5 feet or so, there was a hole into the cliff side, cover by a switch of dirty old fabric. A wind blew and a flap opened. In it, I saw children asleep on their backs in rows of beds.

I knew it had to be the missing children. The people inside were drawing on their arms and when they were finished, they turned into red glowing symbols and their irises turned into bright blue symbols.

I ran back to my territory and told the others.

The next day, we went back to the farm and took the path in the left. It lead you to a big sea and there was a guy there. I remember he gave up some really good advice about the children, but I do not remember what it was. We got back on the boat, i found the boys tiny camera watched the clips that were recorded on it. I do not remember the rest of the dream. Hi Mark Anthony, you are lucky, this is the last dream I am going to analyse here as it is taking up too much of my time and people really should be downloading the book for themselves.

Frogs signify personal contentment, success within your sphere of activity, and sincere friends. Food in general is an auspicious omen, providing the food was fresh and sufficient for the occasion. If it was spoiled in any way you can expect some reverses which will require careful planning to overcome.

Inoculation the closest I could find to injection , though money may be short for now, you can be sure your creditors will by sympathetic and cooperative if you dreamed of being protected from disease by inoculation.

Hi Aprilkisses, well 'Rescue' is already listed in the A-Z section above, and 'Flying' represents the dreamers basic ambition, but the interpretation of flying like a bird is modified by the details of the flight and its conditions, so the surroundings, weather etc must be correlated with the action. As a general guide, if you successfully maintained your flight at a low to medium height you can expect to achieve your goal without much difficulty.

If you were trying or straining to reach a high altitude, the dream is telling you that your grasp is greater than your reach and you would be wise to alter course. I just read about what are dreams mean in your page but I'm kind of confuse about my dreams and maybe you can help me. It was about like i'm flying and trying to rescue some people.

I have had this kind of dream many times but I just ignore it. Last night I dreamed it again. Hope you can help me,you did a good job. Have a good day there. Hi Mary, in the body of text in the article look under 'Death' and you will find your dream meaning is covered. Stone s: A dream of throwing stones is a sign of regret over a missed opportunity; let it be a lesson to you but don't waste energy in vain postmortems.

Whether the sand was on a beach, in your food, or in your shoes, it is warning you to be wary of a new acquaintance who will try to exploit you. A dream of throwing dirt or having it thrown at you is a warning that someone in whom you have confided will attempt to use the information against you; be prepared to defend yourself. Hey would u please interpret this dream for me: Thanks Daniel, I am so pleased this was useful to you and you enjoyed the hub.

I hope you can sleep easier now you know your dream meant nothing terrible. Well I can break it down into parts for you as best I can, but you would need to piece the info together:. You will be given some information which will be of great value to you if you were assaulted in your dream; if others were assaulted you may have to defend an attack on your character. Stranger; A dream of contrary. Strangers in your dream forecast happy reunions with valued friends. The basic meaning of fight in a dream is change.

If you are a business person it signifies a change of enterprise, for an employed person a change of job. The degree of success or failure may be determined by the outcome of the dreamed fight. Last night I had a very disturbing dream where a man a stranger to me was attempting to attack me with a knife. This stranger was unsuccesfull as I was stabbing him before he could stab me.

The knives i was using were clean shiny knives such as kitchen knives. Are there any meanings to this dream? If so what should i do? I would rather face any problems head on than to suffer such a disturbing dream again. No idea mz, none of those things are likely to be featured in the Dreamers Dictionary for me to look them up, apart from the ghost part which i listed in the main article and it means: The meaning of this dream varies according to the action.

If the Ghost simply appeared in your dream, it is an omen of general good luck; however, if you were frightened by it or it spoke to you, it is a warning that some powerful pressure will be brought to bear on you to join in a scheme or activity which is against your principles. Resist the temptation with all the strength you can muster, and if necessary get help from a trusted friend or adviser.

The diagnosis of abdominal migraines is controversial. Other conditions that can cause similar symptoms to a migraine headache include temporal arteritis , cluster headaches , acute glaucoma , meningitis and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Those with stable headaches that meet criteria for migraines should not receive neuroimaging to look for other intracranial disease. People with migraines are not at an increased risk of having another cause for severe headaches. Preventive treatments of migraines include medications, nutritional supplements, lifestyle alterations, and surgery.

Prevention is recommended in those who have headaches more than two days a week, cannot tolerate the medications used to treat acute attacks, or those with severe attacks that are not easily controlled. This is a common problem and can result in chronic daily headache. Amitriptyline and venlafaxine are probably also effective. While acupuncture may be effective in reducing the number of migraines, "true" acupuncture has only a small effect when compared to sham acupuncture, a practice where needles are placed randomly or do not penetrate the skin.

Tentative evidence supports the use of stress reduction techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy , biofeedback , and relaxation techniques.

Medical devices, such as biofeedback and neurostimulators , have some advantages in migraine prevention, mainly when common anti-migraine medications are contraindicated or in case of medication overuse. Biofeedback helps people be conscious of some physiological parameters so as to control them and try to relax and may be efficient for migraine treatment.

There are three main aspects of treatment: Recommended initial treatment for those with mild to moderate symptoms are simple analgesics such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs or the combination of paracetamol also known as acetaminophen , aspirin , and caffeine.

Paracetamol, either alone or in combination with metoclopramide , is another effective treatment with a low risk of adverse effects. However, individuals may respond better to specific ones. Ergotamine and dihydroergotamine are older medications still prescribed for migraines, the latter in nasal spray and injectable forms.

Intravenous metoclopramide , intravenous prochlorperazine , or intranasal lidocaine are other potential options. Ibuprofen helps decrease pain in children with migraines. Paracetamol does not appear to be effective in providing pain relief. Triptans are effective, though there is a risk of causing minor side effects like taste disturbance, nasal symptoms, dizziness, fatigue, low energy, nausea, or vomiting.

Topiramate and botulinum toxin Botox are the only medications with evidence in treating chronic migraine. Long-term prognosis in people with migraines is variable. Migraines with aura appear to be a risk factor for ischemic stroke [] doubling the risk. These figures vary substantially with age: During perimenopause symptoms often get worse before decreasing in severity.

A second-century description by Aretaeus of Cappadocia divided headaches into three types: While many treatments for migraines have been attempted, it was not until that use of a substance which eventually turned out to be effective began. Migraines are a significant source of both medical costs and lost productivity.

Calcitonin gene related peptides CGRPs have been found to play a role in the pathogenesis of the pain associated with migraine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the disorder. For other uses, see Migraine disambiguation. See also: Genetics of migraine headaches.

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