The Third Twin book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Identical twins. Identical DNA. Identical suspects. It's Pretty Lit. Gripping thriller skimps on character development. Read Common Sense Media's The Third Twin review, age rating, and parents guide. Identical twins. Identical DNA. Identical suspects. It's Pretty Little Liars meets Revenge in this edge-of-your-seat thriller with a shocking twist. IT STARTED AS A.

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The Third Twin Book

Ava and Lexi are foundling identical twins, left on a restaurateur's doorstep as infants and raised by their single father as members of the. The Third Twin is a techno-thriller by the British writer Ken Follett and published by Random House publications in A New York Times bestseller, the book. Steve, the hero of The Third Twin, is troubled when he finds he has an My readers don't download my books to learn about philosophy, of course, but they like a.

Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. A little information on DNA evidence, especially regarding twins. Some detail on how criminal investigations are handled. Tell the truth. Don't betray the trust others put in you. Defense attorney Ms. Alvarez is strong, smart, and calming; she works to help Lexi and doesn't talk down to her. Attempted rape. Fistfight resulting in minor bloodshed. Two characters push each other hard: Descriptions of bloody murder scenes and how victims were murdered with a knife. Making out. Making out in underwear. Implied sex between two teens when a parent isn't home.

But when Lexi starts to be raped on a date, she uses self-defense to get her out, and races to safety, only to find that that boy was murdered the next day. She's already a suspect, so when a boy Ava dated as Alicia cheats on her, and then is also murdered the next day, in the same way, she's found guilty.

Later, just as she is actually starting to like a boy, he finds out that she is really Lexi, not Alicia.

Naturally, he breaks everything off with her She tried to save him, but it's too late. Now she's running away from cops, which is the ultimate climatic scene, and she discovers another twin. A real life triplet. But she isn't the murder.

And now all three triplets need to find the murder before it's too late. But he stuck around. So you feel like you have to do the same thing in order to measure up? Its just what Ive always wanted to do. If he was a doctor, Id probably want to do that.

Hes one of the best people I know. I see, he says quietly, and I cant tell if hes mocking me or not. I glance at him. That turned into a lot more of a moment than Id meant it to be. So, what did you want to be? He stares at the sky. At first, I wanted to be Superman, but then I realized that leaping tall buildings and bending steel is not exactly a skill set you can learn.

So then I wanted to be a rock star. And youre studying Jane Austen because it will help you at rock star school? Something like that. The guy smiles, revealing those big, square teeth. Right now the school of life is a better choice than Stanford for me. He leans back in his chair. Okay, fu ture CEO, what about Harvard? I glance out at the bicycles on the path in front of the sand, their riders in shorts and flipflops despite the fact that winter is barely behind us.

I dont believe in snow. He lets out a sharp laugh. You dont believe in snow? How can you not believe in it? It exists. Ive seen it myself. I believe in it for other people, just not for me. I hate it. And all the other Ivy League schools have snow, so its Stan ford or nothing. He leans back in his chair so that the front legs lift off the ground.

The third twin

Now that youve explained it to me, I totally see your point. He goes back to eating, and I try to focus on the statistics problem in front of me, although my mind is whirling and Im having a hard time concentrating. I have no idea why I just told him all that. Alicia told me that your other sister is Ava. Ava, Alicia, and Lexi?

The Third Twin

I pointedly take my hands off my keyboard and put them in my lap. Alexa, I say. Lexi is short for it. Ava, Alicia, and Alexa. He laughs a little and nods. I see what they did there. Why do people always name twins and triplets things that rhyme? I dont even remember how we came up with the name for the third twin, but once we started calling her Alicia, it just seemed to fit.

Technically they dont rhyme. But hon estly, I dont know.

I didnt exactly have a say in it. He waves to a bunch of guys as they take over an empty table in the corner. Let me guess, I say, looking at the group. Its full of way too much hair, visible tattoos, and those ear gauges that make a person look like an escapee from National Geographic. Your band? He grins. Is it that obvious? I look from the table of guys back to him.

He fits in per fectly. Id bet money hes the lead singer. It is. So much for conformity in individuality. He thumps his chair onto the deck as he leans forward, and I feel the heat from his body as he closes the space between us. I wonder what Ava wore the night she met him at the show, if she put her hair up in a ponytail like she does sometimes when its hot, if she wore the shorts Dad hates because her ass plays peekaboo when she walks.

I wonder what she said to him over the loud music at the club, if she leaned in close in the 23 steamy air, her lips brushing his ear as she shouted her an swers. If she smiled in that annoying way she has when she gave him the fake name to go along with the fake personality. He tilts his head, and for a split second I wish I was wear ing Alicias pendant. Instead of sitting here going on about Stanford and the joys of business school, Alicia would prob ably put her hand on his arm, brush the soft skin of his wrist with her finger.

Shed look straight into his eyes with a gaze that would leave no doubt about how she felt, a look that would leave him grasping for words. Alicia can get a guy to do anything she wants. Maybe Ill see you around sometime, he says, pushing himself away from the table and shooting me a smile. Right, I mumble, my eyes on the wooden tabletop, em barrassed, as if he could read my mind.

He pauses as he turns to go. Must be fun having other people who look just like you, he says, studying me. I bet you could have a great time with it, you know? Sitting in each others classes, taking each others testsfooling people into thinking youre the other sister.

The Third Twin

I watch him as he wanders over to the crowded table across the deck, pulls out an empty chair, and flips it around before sitting down with his friends. You poor dumb bastard, I say into my keyboard, trying to get his face out of my head. You really have no clue. What are you muttering about? Zane Romero asks, pulling the chair out and flopping into it.

Despite the fact that its still freezing at the end of March, he must have gone out surfing, because the ends of his curly blond hair are still 24 wet and his hands are red. Zane cups his hot chocolate in both hands and takes a big swig, his brown eyes on me. Nothing, I say, staring at my keyboard. Whenever I see Zane now, I miss him.

ยป Early Review: The Third Twin by CJ Omololu

Not this sixfoot surfer version of Zane, but the little kid with the unruly hair and killer train set complete with hills and tunnels and little tiny people placed carefully in the painted landscape. Before his mom and dad got divorced, we lived next door to each other and spent hours playing with the train set that took over his entire garage. Until his parents decided it was weird for a tenyear old boy to hang around with a tenyearold girl all the time and they started finding other things for him to do.

Soon after, Zane discovered surfing and I discovered studying eventually, when we saw each other in school, we didnt have much to talk about anymore. This year he ended up in my Spanish class, and its been nice having him back, even a little bit. Whos the guy? I dont know, I say, not looking over there. I feel stupid for letting myself get all worked up over some band boy. I glance up at Zane and know hes not going to be satisfied until he hears the whole storybesides Maya, hes the only one whos in on it.

One of Alicias rejects. He raises his eyebrows without saying anything. But he doesnt have to, because Ive heard it all before. I shrug my sweatshirt higher onto my shoulder to make sure Caseys bite mark doesnt show. No way can I explain that right now.

I know, I know. I just told Ava that we should quit. You know youre better than that. I look him straight in the eyes. After all this time, what does he know? I can hear the guys at the other table talking and laughing.

Maybe Im not, I say quietly. I can tell by the look on his face that hes not going to take the bait.

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As much as he would disagree, Zane doesnt know everything. Just because we were neighbors once upon a time doesnt mean he can pass judgment now. Its not like were still running through the sprinklers in our underwear.

Times have changed. Zane glances at the guy. The journey leading up was much better than the end. Overall I liked the book and I would recommend reading. JessicaGarcia6 Jan 30, When they were young, twins Lexi and Ava invented a third identical sibling, Alicia, whom they blamed for everything they had done which might have gotten them into trouble. Now as seniors, they still use the fictitious Alicia when one of them wants to date an inappropriate boy for a brief time.

The girls see this as hilarious and fun which it is until the boys start to wind up dead and all the clues point to Alicia! I think my students will enjoy this fast paced nail biter. I had initial ideas about the killer, and to my delight, I wasn't right.

JRlibrary May 8, 2. Identical twins "create" a third twin that they blame for anything either of them does wrong.

Later, they dress up as this third twin to go out with hot, but questionable boys. Then 2 of the boys Alicia dates are murdered, and both twins insist they had nothing to do with it.

Who is killing them? Not surprisingly, each twin comes to suspect the other. And they make some stupid choices like lying to the police, and later, taking things into their own hands without contacting police.

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