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DESIGN AIDS FOR REINFORCED CONCRETE TO IS: l DesignAids For Reinforced Concrete to IS: BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARC, NEW DLEHI FOREWORD Users of various civil engineering codes have been feeling the need for explanatory handbooks. 1, Pages·· MB·15, Downloads. This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded Reinforced concrete K_Bo. SP Design Aids for Reinforced Concrete to IS (For more information: 12 Tables of Code) Division Name: Civil Engineering.

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Sp16 Code Book Civil Engineering

Download sp 16 () code for btech civil engineering. Standard Reference Books on Civil Engineering (Indian Standards) IS Code Subject. BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS SP Design Aids for Reinforced . SPDesign Aid for RC to IS - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Users of various civil engineering codes have been feeling the need for d) Wherever the word 'Code' is used in this book, it refers to IS: Code of.

The size of the folder is MB. It is a matter of only 10 minutes of time. Please bear on with. Otherwise, you can adopt any other method for zooming the any document. Then after only, the individuals, who feel this as worth saving, may save it and otherwise, the same may be deleted. This D-Code A. Public Works Department Code is downloaded from the Internet. It is the edition of the year NOTE: - For zooming, press Control button on key board and run the wheel in the mouse to see your text in your comfortable mode based on your eye vision and release the control button on the key board.

The moment of resistance of a doubly reinforced section is thus the sum of the limiting moment of resistance Mu,lim of a singly reinforced. Therefore, considering the moment of resistance due to the additional tensile reinforcement and the compression reinforcement we get the following: The approach, given here is meant for design of sections and not for analysing a given section. The depth of neutral axis is, therefore, taken as equal to x,,,-.

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As shown in Fig. Example 3 Clause 2. Values of Aat? Mu The section is to be designed as a doubly reinforced section. Tables are given steel and four grades.

Ast,u,n The expression Bven in E When the thickness of flange is small, that is, less than about 0. Therefore, the following expression is obtained for the limiting moment of resistance of T-beams with small values of Dfjd.

The equation given in E When the flange thick-, ness is greater than about 0. The following basic values of span to effective depth are given: Further modifying factors are given in order to account for the effects of grade and percentage of tension reinforcement and percentage of compression reinforcement. Such charts have been prepared as explained below: A separate chart is drawn for each grade of steel.

In the chart, span to effective depth ratio is plotted on the vertical axis and the tensile reinforcement percentage is dotted on the horizontal axis. The percentage of compression reinforcement is proportional to the additional tensile reinforcement t - PM,, as explained in 2. However, the value of Pt,lim and pc will depend on the grade of concrete also.

[PDF] SP 16 (1978) : Design Aids for Reinforced Concrete to IS 456:1978 CODE Book Free Download

Therefore, the values of span to effective depth ratio according to base curve is modified as follows for each grade of concrete: Thus, the value of pc corresponding to a value of pt is obtained. Hence the span to effective depth ratio for doubly reinforced section is plotted against the tensile reinforcement percentage pt without specifically indicating the value of pc on the Chart.

For continuous spans or cantilevers, the values read from the charts are to be modified in proportion to the basic values of span to effective depth ratio. The tn. Nom --The above method for flanged beams alay sometimes give anomalous mwlts. When drop panels conforming to Example 4 Control of Deflection Check whether the depth of the member in the following cases is adequate for controlling deflection: Hence the depth provided is adequate for controlling deflection.

Therefore the section may be slightly modified or actual deflection calculations may be made to ascertain whether it is within permissible limits. Hence the section provided is adequate for controlling deflection.

G O O O 0. Y O 0. O 0. O O 0. O xzz 0. E O o 0. O O O w 0. O O Clause This is particularly useful as an aid for deciding the sizes of columns at the preliminary design stage of multisforeyed buildings.

After determining the eccentricity, the section should be designed for combined axial load and bending see 3. Factored load Concrete grade Characteristic strength of reinforcement Unyoyior;d length of 3. Assuming 1. Area of reinforcement, A, - 1. In the lower section of these charts, P. Hence the design of the section by the simplified method of It should always be ensuredthat the scotionis designed for a moment which is not lessthan that due to the prescribedtinimum eccentricity.

This point is assumedto act as a fulcrum for the strain distribution line when the neutral axis lies outsidethe motion see Fig. For purely axial compression, the strain is assumed to be uniformly equal acxossthe seotion[see The stress is uniformly the fd for a distance of Ly from the highly compressed edge because the strain is more than and thereafter the stress diagram is parabolic.

For diierent values of k, the area of stress block and the position of its centroid are given in Table H. For constructionof interactiond cams it b merally adaquata consider to values of k up to about 1.

Construction InteractionDiagram of Design charts for combined axial compression The second term within parenthesis represents the deduction for the concrete replaced by the reinforcement bars. This term is usually neglected for convenience. However, a9 a better approximation, a constant value corresponding to concrete grade M20 has been used in the present work so that the error is negligibly small over ;he range of concrete mixes normally used.

An accurate consideration of this term will necessitate the preparation of separate Charts for each grade of concrete, which is not considered worthwhile. For each position of neutral axis, the strain distribution across the section and the stress block parameters are determined as explained earlier. The stresses in the reinforcement are also calculated from the known strains.

Thereafter the resultant axial force and the moment about the centroid of the section are calculated as follows: Ai - fci. Yi i- 1 where C,D is the distance of the centroid of the concrete stress block, measured from the highly compressed edge; and is the distance from the centroid of the section to the ith row of reinforcement; positive towards the highly compressed edge and negative towards the least compressed edge.

Thus we get the following r;xpressions: An approximation is made for the value Offci for M20, as in the case of 3. For circular sections the procedure is same as above, except that the stress block parameters given earlier are not applicable; hence the section is divided into strips and summation is done for determining the forces and moments due to the stresses in concrete. The Charts for the latter case have been prepared for a section with 20 bars equally distributed on all sides, but they can be used without significant.

The Charts for circular section Charts 51 to 62 have been prepared for a section with 8 bars, but they can generally be used for sections with any number of bars but not less than 6. The dotted lines in these charts indicate the stress in the bars nearest to the tension face of the member. The line for fs, I; 0 indicates that the neutral axis lies along the outermost row of reinforcement. For points lying above this line on the Chart, all the bars in the section will be in compression.

For points below this line, the outermost tension reinforcement undergoes inelastic deformation while successive inner rows may reach a stress of fyd. It should be noted that all these stress values are at the failure condition corresponding to the limit state of collapse and not at working Ioads.

Points for plotting these Charts are obtained by assuming low values of k in the expressions given earlier. For the case of purely axial tension, Pu - g Ofy hk 87fy Charts 66 to 75 are given for rectangular sections with reinforcement on two sides and Charts 76 to 85 are for reinforcement on four sides.

In order to satisfy the coda1 requirement, 0. Therefore, the, given load and moment should be divided by 1. Hence, 3. Therefore, the Code permits the design of such members by the following equation: Assuming 8 mm dia bars for the helix, For intermediate values, linear interpolation may be done.

Chart 63 can be used for evaluating Puz.

Sp16 code book pdf

ExampIe Be? The actual value of 0. Moments due to minimum eccentricity are less than the values given above. Reinforcement is distributed equally on four sides.

MUX, - 0. Referring to Chart 45 - 0. MuYl - 0. When the slenderness ratio D or In accordance with When a compression member is slender with respect to the major axis, an additional moment Mu given by the following equation modified as indicated later should be taken into account in the design see Similarly, if the column is slender about the minor axis an additional moment M.

Though this modification is optional according to the Code, it should always be taken advantage of, since the value of k could be substantially less than unity. The values of the coefficients required for evaluating Pb for various cases are given in Table The values given in Table 60 are based on the same assumptions as for members with axial load and uniaxial bending. The expression for k can be written as follows: Table 1 gives the values b or 3 for different values of slenderness ratio.

Size of column Concrete grade Characteristic strength of reinforcement Effective length for bending parallel to larger dimension, Z, Effective length for bending parallel to shorter dimension, ly Unsupported length Factored load Factored.

Factored moment in the direction of shorter dimension 30 kN.

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For first trial, assumep p: Reinforcement will be distributed equally on four sides. Calculation of Pb: Moments due to minimum eccentricity: Total moments for which the column is to be designed are: MUX The assumed reinforcement of 3. The values given in the Code are based on the following equation: The multiplying factor works out to 1. The method of design for torsion is based on the calculation of an equivalent shear force and an equivalent bending moment. After determining these, some of the Charts and Tables for shear and flexure can be used.

The method of design for torsion is illustrated in Example Example 10 Shear When rv exceeds 7c, shear reinforcement should be provided for carrying a shear equal to Vu- Q bd. Provide 8 mm diameter two legged vertical stirrups at 14 cm spacing. Example I I Torsion Determine the reinforcements required for a rectangular beam section with the following data: As Mt is less than MU,we need not consider Me, according to Therefore, provide only two bars of 12 mm dia on the compression face, one bar being at each corner.

As the depth of the beam is more than 45 cm, side face reinforcement of 0. Transverse reinforcement see Hall n General SP:: Engineering download free application for blackberry storm Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Sponsoring Agency Code Document practices Bo. S e- books. General id Venkat civil various criteria Download sp16 code book civil engineering Results of download sp16 code book civil engineering: Free download software, Free Video dowloads, Free Music downloads , Free Movie downloads , Gamessp16 code book for civil engineering For better download results try avoiding words like extabit uploaded rapidgator netload bitshare freakshare letitbit dizzcloud.

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