Mechanical engineering aptitude questions and answers pdf


Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers All students, freshers can download Mechanical Engineering quiz questions with answers as PDF. ME: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1st Feb Shift1 Wrong answer for MCQ will result in negative marks, (-1/3) for 1 mark Questions and (-2/3) for 2 marks. Most Important Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers PDF NOTE-We are updating this page daily,we hope we will be upload all PDF.

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Mechanical Engineering Aptitude Questions And Answers Pdf

BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions Answers PDF free download mcqs objective type questions lab viva online quiz test. You may be asked to answer the questions either on paper or online. The advantages Mechanical reasoning tests are used to select for a wide range of technical occupations. .. well as many engineering occupations. These tests are . [PDF] Mechanical Engineering Objective Type (+ Objective Questions) By The solutions to Important Objective type Questions have been added at the.

This section gives "Aptitude download PDF's free". You can download aptitude questions with answers pdf here. And "Aptitude download only" portal provides Aptitude test papers, aptitude questions. Download everything as a free PDF document. Engineering Mechanics is one of the basic topic that comes under Mechanical engineering aptitude test.

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Please send mi. Mechanical engineering aptitude question and answeres PDF at chetansalunkhe21 gmail. I would like to get all the basic technical aptitude questions related to mechanical engineering which will be frequently asked in interviews.

I get best interview technique and by means i get job in best industry. E mech i'm fresher want to work as a hvac project engineer. I want mechanical technical questions for fresher plz send on avantika gmail. When Prandtl number is equal to unity. What keeps the shaft in floating condition in hydrodynamic journal bearing?

Hydrodynamic pressure developed in the lubricant. Why the elements of higher pairs must be force closed? This is necessary to provide completely constrained motion.

What is the value of coefficient of friction for ball bearing? Why belts are subject to creep? Due to uneven extension and contraction of belt. What is the ratio of damping coefficient to critical damping coefficient called?

Damping factor. In which type of lubrication the starting friction is low?

Mechanical Engineering MCQs Interview Technical Questions and Answers

In hydrostatic lubrication. How the stability of empty ship increased. By adding ballasts at the bottom level. Define Froude number. It is the square root of ratio of inertia force to gravity force. It is used to determine velocity of flow in pipe.

What is the maximum efficiency of power transmission through a pipe? What is the necessary and sufficient condition for bodies in floatation to be in stable equilibrium? Centre of gravity of body should be located below metacentre. Under what condition the thermal boundary layer thickness will be equal to the hydrodynamic boundary layer thickness? How laminar boundary layer thickness varies on a flat plate? It is proportional to the square root of the distance from the leading edge.

Name the axial flow reaction turbine with adjustable vanes. Kaplan turbine. Define the degree of reaction of a turbomachine. It is the ratio of total pressure change in the rotor to that in the stage. What is meant by relative stability? If the system is found to be stable, then it is necessary to know the stable strength or degree of stability which is called relative stability. Phase margin and gain margins are the measures of relative stability. On what factors the efficiency of a centrifugal pump depends?

The efficiency of a centrifugal pump depends on size, speed and type number. Define transducer? Transducer is an element which converts the signal from one physical form to another without changing the information content of the signal.

Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

Why thin-plate orifice is frequently recommended for flow measurement in most of the cases? It is recommended because of its high accuracy, low cost, and extreme flexibility. How the water flow from a hydrant in a city water system measured? It can be measured by allowing the flow of water from a hydrant and noting down the horizontal distance x where jet strikes the ground and the vertical distance y of outlet from ground.

For the same size, length and condition of pipe, how the friction head loss changes if pipe size is varied. Under same flow conditions the friction head loss increases as the size change to the 4.

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How does the capacity changes in pipe flow with increase in pipe diameter if head is constant? At constant head, capacity is proportional to d How does the head change in pipe flow with change in diameter, if capacity is constant.

At constant capacity, head is proportional to. How head varies in pipe flow with change in flow, if pipe diameter is same. At constant diameter, head is proportional to flow 2. Define the term contraction coefficient. The ratio of area of jet contracted and the cross section of the orifice.

What for pycnometer is used? Pycnometer is used to measure specific gravity of the liquid. Name various functional elements of an instrumental system? Name the three stages of a generalised measuring system. How is a Pelton turbine braked? A pelton wheel is braked by a nozzle directing a jet on the back of the buckets.

What is static pressure? How is it measured. The pressure caused on the walls of a pipe due to a fluid at rest inside the pipe or due to the flow of a fluid parallel to walls of the pipe is called static pressure. This static pressure is measured by inserting a pressure measuring tube into the pipe carrying the fluid so that the tube is at right angle to the fluid flow path.

What are the requirements of a control system? Stability, accuracy and speed of response are the three requirements of control system. What is the difference between weir, and submerged weir. Any obstruction of a streamflow over which water flows is weir. When the downstream water level rises over the weir crest, it is called submerged weir. What is the difference between spillway and siphon spillway?

Engg services ; IAS Engg. Sc Engg; Diploma and other competitive courses. More than Objective Type Questions from various examining bodies have been added. The solutions to Important Objective type Questions have been added at the end of this treatise. It includes Multiple Choice questions, true and false questions, fill in the blank and matching type questions.

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Aptitude Questions and Answers

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