Book details Author: Former Associate Professor Simon LeVay Ph.D. Pages: pages Publisher: Sinauer Associates Is an Imprint of Oxford University Press Language: English ISBN ISBN David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the. In this textbook, Simon LeVay and Janice Baldwin aim to help students understand the diversity of human sexual expression as well as the diversity of perspectives from which sexuality can be studied. Well known for its high-quality presentation of biological aspects of sexuality. Welcome. Welcome to the Companion Website for Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition, by Simon LeVay and Janice Baldwin. This site is designed to help you.

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Human Sexuality Levay Pdf

Cal Poly Pomona, emphasizing Architecture, Engineering, and Business at 3/4 the cost of our sister school. Aided by diversity and specializing. 5/5 From Reviews. Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin. DOC | * audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF | ePub. Discovering Human Sexuality is an . Human Sexuality. Simon LeVay, Janice I. Baldwin ISBN: | pages | 17 Mb Download Human Sexuality Human.

Learn how and when to remove this template message The book was first published in by W. Freeman and Company. Subsequent editions have been published by Sinauer Associates , with the second edition appearing in , the third in , [2] and the fourth in Starting with the third edition, Valente was replaced as a co-author by the sociologist Janice Baldwin. He credited LeVay and Valente with discussing sex in a way that was "explicit without being judgmental", and with covering a wide range of topics. He also praised the art included in the book. She considered it "exceptionally current, with up-to-date examples and content that will be relevant to students and instructors".

For the current edition we have decided to merge the two versions into one, which we have titled Discovering Human Sexuality, Third Edition. It was a difficult decision to make because both versions had been successful in the marketplace and each served a somewhat different need.

However, the workload involved in producing two different textbooks at the same time was excessive. Throughout the book, we have sought to present statements that are supported by data, ideas that are tested or testable, and recommendations that are based on research.

There are many unanswered questions in sexuality, of course—questions about how abnormal modes of sexual expression paraphilic disorders develop, for example, and how best to treat them. In dealing with these controversies, an evidence-based approach demands a nondogmatic style and a willingness to admit that not everything is known. Some students may feel challenged to enter the field of sex research themselves in order to help fill those gaps in our understanding. Some human sexuality texts contain a great deal of advice to students, especially in the area of relationships.

Review of Simon LeVay ’ s Gay , Straight and the Reason Why

Doing so serves no purpose— the man who could burst a condom with his ejaculate has yet to be born—and neither the World Health Organization nor the leading U. It has become an element in the folklore that gets perpetuated by textbooks— though not by this one. Literature citations are, of course, an important element of an evidence-based book.

We have been surprised by how cavalierly some competing books deal with this issue—quite commonly, citations in the text are not matched by any corresponding entries in the bibliography. In Discovering Human Sexuality we have made every effort to ensure that references are fully documented.

Simon LeVay and Janice Baldwin: Human Sexuality, Third Edition

Another common practice that we consider unacademic is referring to original research studies by citing magazine or newspaper articles that mention them, rather than the journal articles in which the research was presented. Our policy has been to cite original sources wherever possible, and to use magazine and newspaper references for the kinds of topics they excel at, such as news stories, cultural trends, and the like.

Our text presents this diversity in a detailed and nonjudgmental fashion. In creating Discovering Human Sexuality, we have pooled our writing skills to ensure that the text is fully accessible, engaging, and relevant to students of diverse backgrounds. The result of these combined efforts is, we believe, the most readable and student friendly human sexuality text on the market.

Discovering Human Sexuality, Fourth Edition [PDF]

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Simon Levay, Janice Baldwin, and John Baldwin: Discovering Human Sexuality

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