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Gates of Paradise - Read online for free. The young, the fabulous and the fanged rule the upper echelons of Manhattan society in book 7 of this fantastically. Schuyler Van Alen is running out of time. The Dark Prince of Hell is storming the Gates of Paradise, intent on winning the heavenly throne for good. This time he. Read Gates of Paradise read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Gates of Paradise is a Young Adult novel by Melissa de la Cruz.

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Gates Of Paradise Melissa De La Cruz Pdf

epub electronic book Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods, #7) by Melissa de la Cruz for iphone, ipad txt format version, file with page numbers. Melissa de la KB. 6-Lost in Time - Melissa de la KB. 7-The Gates of Paradise - Melissa de la Masquerade, revelations, the van alen legacy, misguided angel, lost in time, and gates of paradise. Villeneuve marveled in his orchestration of.

Jun 4, at am "Blue Bloods" book 4. But some among the Pilgrims were not pure of heart; they were not escaping religious persecution. Indeed, they were not even human. They were vampires. The vampires assimilated quickly into the New World.

She had to keep him out of her mind. Had to forget so she could concentrate on the task at hand. Lucifer was moving 7. Endgame was upon them. The survival of the vampires was in question. The fight for Heaven and Earth would begin and end with her. I know Jack would never lay a hand on her, and I hope youre right about Mimi, she said. I know I am, Oliver said staunchly.

He had been defending Mimi for months. Schuyler wasnt as certain as he was of Mimis change of heart. Mimi had ever been hell-bent on destroying Jack, on seeking revenge, but Oliver was convinced her affections ran elsewhere now.

Schuyler wasnt sure how much she believed that Kingsley had supplanted Jack in Mimi Forces heart. Besides, Kingsley never talked about Mimi and whatever happened between them. According to Oliver, Mimi had given up her soul to get him out of the underworldwhich was even more troubling, because if Mimi had lost what little soul shed hadthen what did it mean for Jack?

Kingsley was certainly a lot more subdued than Schuyler remembered himplugging away day after day, buried under Repository books.

There had been rumors in the underworld that the demons had discovered a weapon more powerful than the White Fire of Heavenbut if there was such a thing, the Venator had not yet figured it out, and it troubled him that the Blue Bloods remained oblivious to the Dark Princes malevolent designs.

But he certainly wasnt acting as if he were heartbrokenthe sly dog was out every night with a different girl on his arm, drinking, carousing, in 8. Between Kingsley and Oliver and the skeleton crew of hard-living Venators, their flata Venator safe housewas crawling with girls.

At first Schuyler had been amused at their bachelor lifestyleit was such a contrast to her and Jacks quiet domicile as newlyweds in Alexandria. But her patience had been worn thin by the constant parade of lovely English chippies or Chelsea birds who flocked to their apartment. The bathrooms stunk of perfume, the kitchen counter was always lined with lipstick-stained wineglasses, and once she had even pulled a pair of lacy underthings from beneath the couch pillows.

Schuyler downed her glass and Kingsley appeared at her elbow with a magnum of Bolly.

She raised her hand in protest, but it was futile. He filled it to the top until the bubbles overflowed. Bingo, Archie, Gig, and the rest of the crew are talking of streaking through the crowd on the Thamesyou guys in? In this weather? Oliver balked.

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Come on, man, itll be a hoot! Kingsley said. Oliver hesitated. He looked at Schuyler, who shook her head.

Youll be all right? Im fine, go ahead. Kingsleys right, itll be fun. Schuyler smiled at the two of them as they joined the merry crew already shedding clothing at the front door.

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Since the three of them had arrived in town, they had accomplished a lot, including identifying the physical location of the Gate of Promise, a closely guarded secret that only they shared. Kingsley, as the highest-ranking among them Schuyler had not yet achieved a real place in their society had sent word out to the remaining Covens to come to London and await orders, and little by little, vampires had made their way back into the city.

A number of them were at the party that night, but they were anxious and suspicious, and many were talking about returning underground instead. They had no idea what they were waiting for, and Schuyler wasnt yet ready to tell them. Kingsley had cautioned against sharing what they knew of Lucifers planfearing more traitors within their midst. The Gate of Promise had been established during the glory days of the Roman Empire, when the Order of the Seven was founded, with the discovery of the Paths of the Dead.

Melissa de la Cruz

Allegra Van Alen, or Gabrielle, as was her true name, determined that the Gate of Promise was bisected, and that while one path led to the underworld, another path, a secret path, led back to the paradise they had lost. Charles Force, the archangel Michael, had suspected such a path existed, and it was why he had ordered the paths to be guarded but not destroyed. So what had happened in Rome? Why had Gabrielle kept her discovery a secret from Michael?

It had been during the Crisis in Rome that the Blue Bloods had discovered Caligula was unmasked as Lucifer, but the archangel Michael had triumphed, sending him back to the underworld.

Melissa de la Cruz

The Silver Bloods were supposed to have been defeated. But instead, they continued to thrive in the shadows, and to menace the Blue Bloods for centuries after, preying on the young, until the present chaos. The victory Michael had won had been temporary at best. Gabrielles daughter will bring us salvation. She will lead the Fallen back into Paradise. Her grandfather Lawrence Van Alen had always believed it, and Schuyler knew in her heart that he was right, that she held the key.

There was just one problem: The gate was immovable, as solid as a vault, and immune to every spell and incantation she threw at it. She had been trying for months and failing. Time was running outthe Dark Prince had set his sights on destroying the gate and was gathering his forces for battle to reclaim the throne he had been denied.

The Silver Bloods could attack at any moment and take up the rebellion that had been subdued so long ago. So where do I fit in? How do I fulfill my legacy? Schuyler was still mulling over the questions when the boys trooped back in, cheeks blazing red from the cold, in various states of undressKingsley stripped to the waist, his strong chest heaving with deep breaths as he sprawled down on the couch in his tuxedo pants; Oliver standing in his boxer shorts, holding a flask of whiskey and grinning.

You didnt get caught? I thought the bobbies were out in force, Schuyler said, taking a seat across from them and crossing her arms, feeling a bit like a schoolmarm tending to her naughty pupils.

Wheres everyone else? After-party in Notting Hill, replied Oliver as he threw the flask to Kingsley, who caught it and took a slug. Jolly good show, Kingsley said to Oliver. Didnt think youd be able to keep up with us. Oliver smirked, flexing his broad shoulders.

All those workouts in the underworld had paid off. Your age is showing, old man This time he has his greatest angels by his side, Abbadon and Azrael—Jack and Mimi Force, as they are known in the Coven. Or so he thinks. Even as Lucifer assigns Jack and Mimi the tasks of killing their true loves, the Force twins secretly vow to defeat the Dark Prince once and for all. But how far will Mimi and Jack go to conceal their real loyalties? Meanwhile, former vampire Bliss Llewellyn has joined forces with Lawson, the greatest wolf of the underworld, to free his people from their imprisonment in Hell.

As they struggle against impossible odds, an ancient message, woven into the very fabric of time, reveals just how much depends on the success of their mission. Lucifer seeks the key to the Gate of Promise, and when Schuyler is taken captive and delivered straight to Hell, she must make an unthinkable choice—the same one the archangel Michael was forced to make during the Crisis in Rome.

Will Schuyler find the strength to do what he could not?

Will Bliss and the wolves she has recruited to join her win the battle for the vampires? Is Schuyler prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? Love and vengeance, duty and and loyalty, life and death, are all at odds in the gripping, heartbreaking finale of the Blue Bloods series. All our readers' critics are forwarded - along with their e-mails - to our Greek authors and are published in our web pages, unless they are offending or insulting. Leave blank to allow your real name to appear on the comment.

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