The purpose of this book is to give accurate, specific psychological meanings for be a workbook instead of a narrative discussion of Face Reading. My goal. DrAnkit Srivastav. Face Reading. indi What Does Your Face Reveal? Kathy Thompson. Physiognomy. Matti Ur Rehman. Facial Reading. The Art of Reading Faces provides us with a good opportunity to make our life Face Reading teaches you all the facts that written psychological tests cannot.

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Scientific and Anatomical Character Reading from the face. ву Reading from the Face, has had a fascination . easy as reading phrases from a book. It would. Face Reading Book. Page 2. The Five Elements. Summer solstice. Winter solstice. Spring equinox. Autumn equinox. Page 3. The Five Elements. Summer. Face reader: discover anyone's personality, compatibility, talents and .. Soon my book's character, Sing Cang, became a Chinese herbalist and master.

Want to read faces? Do you want to know people's personalities through their faces? Want to Know lots of things about a person by taking a glance at his face? Do you know that lots of personality traits can be read through the face? Imagine the kind of person you will become when you are able to read people even before they start talking. In such a case you will have a superior communication edge above others. Lets suppose you met a person who likes to talk a lot. If you knew that before even talking to him then you will change your communication strategy to become a good listener and guess what; that person will like you. Now if the opposite happened and you didn't give that person a chance to talk he might not feel happy being around you. After all we like people because of the emotions they make us feel. This is why in book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that taking the person you like to exciting places can actually make them before more attached to you. Here is a link to my profile Note: In case you are already registered there just let a friend of yours do the same steps Then Send me a Message there using the message link in my profile when done to get your download link.

That person hates restrictions and rules, he likes to use his imagination and would probably hate math and accounting but excel in arts. When the forehead is curved and in the same time occupies a big section of the head then this means that this person is very intelligent or even a genius. You'd be safe asking that person for help if you are in need of a creative solution to any problem you're facing. Combined forehead profiles In real life many people will have a combination of more than one forehead profile.

For example you might find a person with a slightly slopped forehead. The closer the person is to a certain facial feature the closer he will be to the personality traits associated with it. If someone's facial feature lies in between two facial features then he might posses the traits of both facial features.

The book, How to make someone fall in love with you, is one of the 2knowmyself. Face reading and lips Is your personality connected to your lip shape or size? According to face reading you can determine a person's personality from his facial features with a good accuracy.

Before you can master face reading you first need to learn how to pay special attention to facial features so that you can recognize the difference between the different types of ears, lips, eyes, chins Once you do that you can then learn face reading.

If you want to start from the beginning then use the link below to reach the face reading main page. In this article i will tell you about the significance of the size of lips and their shape in determining personality Face Reading personology : Lip size Big lips in face reading: A person with big lips tends to be very talkative and will hardly ever be silent. This person likes to talk a lot and to tell stories. When you want to ask for directions in the street pick someone with big lips because he will give you the full details Small lips in face reading: A person with small lips tends to be less talkative.

He tends to keep his private life away from others and may hide his inner emotions and feelings. He can also hold on to secrets for years, unlike the guy who has big lips who can hardly hold a secret unless of course he's bound by some strong influencing force like religion for example A thin lipped person may be very cautious and not an adventure-lover.

Balanced lip: Because human beings are different you can't categorize every person you meet under the two major categories of big lips or small lips but instead you will find many people falling in between the two large categories. The more the person is close to one of these categories the more likely he will have the personality traits associated with it Face reading, lip size and personality Face reading is not a simple science.

Trying to judge a person by just taking a quick look into one of his features such as lips might result in less accurate readings. In order to make the best out of face reading you must learn how to look at all face features together instead of just looking at each one of them separately. The book How to make someone fall in love with you is one of the 2knowmyself. Face Reading personology : Lip Lines The lip line, in face reading, is the imaginary horizontal line you can see passing between the two lips when the mouth is closed.

That line can be straight, straight with its ends pointing downwards or upwards. Straight Lip line with its ends pointing downwards: The person who has a straight lip line with ends pointing downwards is a pessimistic person and he will always expects the worse. Make sure you take that into consideration when taking his opinion. One of the great benefits this person can provide you with is to notify you about all the problems that can ever occur because he can expect them all before they happen.

If you are about to start a new project for example and want to know all the possible risks that you might face then ask that person and he will for sure pin point every single problem you're going to face. Straight lip line with its ends turned upwards: The person who has Straight lip line with its ends turned upwards is an optimist. This person always expects good things to happen. He can encourage you much if you told him about a new idea. You can consider taking his opinion to get some motivation but be aware not to be lured by the very positive outlook he may have.

There may be some kind of problems and bad future expectations that he is ignoring or not taking into consideration Straight lip line: The balanced; this person has got a balanced outlook for future events.

Face Reading in Chinese Medicine

He may be optimistic if conditions are good and pessimistic if things seem bad. That person could give you the most balanced opinion for a future project provided that he has all the necessary details. Lip line, face reading and accuracy You must put in mind that some people fall in between these types.

For example you might meet a person who has a lip line that is slightly pointing downwards. The more prominent the face feature is the more close the person will be to the specific personality traits of that face feature.

The person who has a lip line that is slightly bent downwards will be slightly pessimistic and so on. Face reading the full picture One of the big mistakes people do when they try to understand face reading is that they judge a person's personality based on one facial feature and this is completely wrong.

In order to make the best use of face reading you need to put in mind that looking at the whole face together is the right thing that should be done. Some facial features dampen the effect of other features and that's why its sometimes hard to understand the feature without looking at the whole face. In other cases other facial features can further reinforce a certain trait and this can help you get more accurate results when guessing someone's personality.

The book, How to make someone fall in love with you, is one of 2knowmyself. Face Reading personology and Eye Distance When talking about the distance between the eyes in face reading I am actually referring to the horizontal distance between the tips of your eyes.

This distance, in face reading, determines the person's concern for details. If the distance between the two eyes is small then that person may have a high concern for details while if it was large then this means that the person may be more interested in the bigger picture.

To check whether the distance is big or small you'll need to observe whether the distance between the two eyes is enough for a third eye to fit in.

Try to imagine whether your friend can be an alien or not : If the space is big enough for a third eye to fit then it's considered big and if not then it's considered small. People with broad face tend to have big eye distances while people with thin faces tend to have small distances.

That's why the first group is usually less concerned about details than the second group Types of eye distance in face reading Someone with a small eye distance: That person has a very powerful ability to concentrate. When he concentrates, he becomes very focused , hates to be disturbed and may easily become stressed as a result. That person has a deep interest in details.

If you are telling him a story, then make sure that you include small details that other people may have no concern for. That's the beauty of face reading! People with small eye distance may find it very hard to tolerate temperature changes, traffic jams and external influences. This low tolerance acts as a multiplier to external stressful influences which in turn results in making them angry more often. Someone with a large eye distance: This person may have trouble concentrating for long periods of time.

He is relaxed by nature and doesn't care much about small details. He only focuses on the big picture and this might make him a good manager. Try focusing on the facial features of the managers you meet and you will notice how almost all of them fall in this category. Managers usually have broad faces because a broad face makes it more likely for a person to have big eye distance.

Such a person is much more tolerant than the person who has small eye distance. Face Reading personology and Nose Shape Big noses: If you think that your big nose makes you look bad or if you don't really like its shape then cheer up because according to face reading your big nose can help you leave a better impression! People with big noses hate receiving orders and like being their own bosses. They don't like doing small tasks and prefer making bigger contributions than others.

That's why these people will hardly ever be your bar tenders or your receptionists. People with big noses like to move higher in ranks and may fight for them. People with big noses get bored easily from systematic and repetitive work.

If you are a manager then handing off donkey work to these people would be a great mistake. Small noses: A person with a small nose does not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work. You are most likely to find secretaries and people who work in similar jobs having small noses.

Of course they may get bored of routine work but not as fast as a big nosed fellow will. Eagle nose: The hooked nose or one that looks like the eagle's hook from the side view is one i am talking about. A person with a nose like this one has the same characteristics as that of a big-nosed person but with a bit of exaggeration.

To get along with such a person make sure you respect him and make him feel important. The helper's nose: If, from the side view, the nose is concave with a round tip, then this person has a helper's nose.

He is called the helper because he has a natural tendency to help others. He may join charity groups for the satisfaction he feels when he does these kinds of activities. The only draw back is that he is sometimes taken advantage of by his friends. When nose tip is round : If the nose tip is round when observed from a front view then this person is nosy!! He likes to know about everything that is going on and he may try to get all information out of you If there's something that he knows little about.

Don't make him feel like you are hiding something if you want to get along with him. What's pretty funny is that the word nosy here is related to the nose which shows that this word may have had a face reading origin. Nose profile going up: When, viewed from the side, the horizontal line at the bottom of the nose can be pointing upwards. A person with this kind of nose trusts everything.

He may even be the victim of scams or fall a prey to a television commercial that advertises a certain low quality product. Take notice of the noses of small kids' and you will notice how most of them have exactly this type of nose.

The good point about the person with this nose type is that he's not skeptical at all. Nose profile heading down: This type of nose is the same as the previous one but the difference is that the profile is going down instead of up so that the nose appears to be pointed downwards. This person is very skeptical and he barely believes anything new unless he gets all the proofs he asks for.

When dealing with him, bear in mind that he will ask a big number of questions before he can believe you. Nose profile is horizontal: when the same nose profile is horizontal then this person is neither a skeptic nor a person who believes in anything.

This person has a balanced approach when hearing about something new. Face Reading personology and Chin Pointed chin: A person with a pointed chin is a stubborn person just like the one with long front teeth. Having both features together means that the person is very stubborn. This person has fierce inner resistance that can be triggered when someone pushes against him.

When dealing with such a person, you must depend on your flexibility because pushing against him will yield no result. Square chin: A square-chinned person is called the challenger. That person always challenges problems by standing up whenever he falls. He never gives up until he reaches what he wants. He is usually very competitive and considers everything, even sports, as a challenge rather than looking at the fun part of it.

This person has the ability of pointing out the pros and cons of any issue and this makes him a very good consultant and a debate lover. To get along with him avoid igniting his fighting spirit and take his opinions into consideration. The small chin: A small chin is usually associated with a pointed chin. In face reading, whenever the facial features are relatively smaller to those of normal people then the person is considered a sensitive person. People with small chins and small facial features are very sensitive to criticism and overwhelming life events.

Criticize those people and they will hate you, shout at them and they may not approach you again. In order to get along with a sensitive person try to be more nurturing than usual. Round chin: A person with a round chin is a friendly person, he is neither aggressive nor harsh.

Remember the impression you got when you first saw Martin Lawrence in the movie big mama's house? He seemed very friendly because of all round facial features he had.

This person loves social gatherings and usually provides a very nice company. If you enter a new place, for example, a shopping mall and wanted to ask for help then the best one would be someone with round facial features. If that person also has big lips talkative then he will be a perfect choice if you were looking for directions or information. Protruding chin: What is meant by a protruding chin is that the chin seems to be protruding when viewed from the side view rather than being perfectly vertical just like a witch's chin in cartoons!!

This person cannot let go of things easily and holds on to them as much as he can. This person rarely quits anything midway and this applies to relationships too.

Receding chin: People with receding chins are exactly the opposite of those who have protruding ones. People with receding chins are the type of people who have got lots of semi finished projects because they find it hard to commit to anything to the end unless they really need it. Neither receding nor protruding chin: People with chins that are neither protruding nor receding have a balanced approach towards commitment.

Those people don't quit midway but they also know when to give up. Face Reading personology and Eyebrows According to face reading The shape of the eyebrows identifies different personality traits that are related to thinking styles.

In addition to the way a person thinks there are lots of other things that can be known by checking how the eyebrows look like. You should take special care with women because of the cosmetics they use which can totally reshape the eyebrows and so give false signatures.

Below are some different shapes of eyebrows and their associated personality traits. Eyebrow types in face reading Straight eyebrows The logical : When eyebrows are straight like a straight line then this means that this person is a logical thinker. If you want to convince him to believe in something then you must only use logic and solid proofs. Don't try to convince him using emotional arguments, for example don't say something like "Hey, this is good; I feel its great" but instead tell him something like "It has lots of benefits, number one is bla bla and number two is bla bla bla".

Using a pen and a paper is the best way to convince such a person as you can point out all the advantages and disadvantages of the issue you are talking about. Meeting eyebrows The non-stop thinker : when the eye brows are connected in such a way that they meet each other through a bridge of hair then know that this person is a nonstop thinker.

Such a person can't relax; he is always thinking and evaluating everything around him. If you are one of those people then make sure you learn how to relax not to ruin your health. That person may also suffer from sleeping problems when a major event in his life happens because of his continues thinking Angled eyebrows The authority seeker : You must take a great deal of care when dealing with such a person. The person with angled eyebrows that have an inverted "v" shape always seeks control and authority.

Try noticing how many presidents have angled eyebrows and you'd be surprised. Those people usually fight fiercely for authority and high status. If you want to get along with this person then make him feel important; try to catch his name on your first meeting so you can use it again.

Thin eye brows The sensitive : Very thin eyebrows may mean that the person is overly sensitive, especially if he has delicate facial features, like small eyes, nose or mouth. When dealing with that person, pay extra attention not to hurt him as he is more sensitive than other people. Curved eye brows The friendly : A person with curved eyebrows sometimes called round eyebrows is a friendly person by nature.

This is also the case with all people who have round face features; round cheeks or chin. This person understands best by examples and metaphors. Face Reading personology , Ear Height What is meant here by ear height in face reading is the relative level of the ears to the eyes and nose. Some people seem to have their ears positioned higher in their face in comparison to their friends. You can use the nose tip as a base line and see where the bottom of the ear lies in comparison to it.

If the bottom of the ear is high compared to the nose tip then this person has high set ears and vise versa. Ear Height Relevance in face Reading High set ears: People with relatively higher ears usually receive information faster than others.

I am not referring to intelligence here but rather to the rate with which they can adsorb new information. This person works well under pressure especially if he has a small eye to eyebrow distance. Note that when i talked about the eye to eyebrows distance i was referring to the speed of information processing and not the speed of receiving information. If you have high ears and a big eye to eyebrow distance then most probably you receive information quickly, but you will be suffering from a low information processing rate and may thus become frustrated.

On the other hand if you have high ears and a small eye to eyebrows distance then you will be able to both receive and process information very quickly and you will be able to make very good decisions under pressure. This type of person is also highly practical and focused. He almost never downloads anything that he does not truly need. During his work, he focuses on getting the job done rather than focusing on how to do it. Low set ears: A person with low set ears has a lower rate of receiving information.

Give him very fast instructions and he will be totally lost. Make sure you always give him instructions slowly and use diagrams whenever applicable when dealing with him. If that person has a big eye to eyebrows distance too then he will be slow in receiving and processing information and so you may find him the last one to finish work or to hand the exam paper.

People with low set ears may be very idealistic, they focus on how the job is done in addition to focusing on getting it done. Face Reading personology : Face Shape and Profile Broad face in face reading: In face reading a broad face means that the height and width of the face are very close to each other in length.

A person with a broad face is confident by nature, unless he has lost his self confidence somewhere through his life. When i say confident by nature i mean that this person feels more confident than others especially when facing new experiences.

Face reading

This person has also got good influencing abilities. He usually has a relativity larger distance between his two eyes high tolerance because of his broad face.

This person may not be interested in small details but would rather be interested in the bigger view or the full picture. For example, when telling him about a car accident don't bother telling him about the car colors because he wouldn't be interested, he may not be even interested in the car types.

A person like that would make a good manager and that's why you will notice that most managers are broad faced. Thin face in face reading: The thin face is easily noticed because it appears to be longer than normal faces. People with thin faces have long faces that have low width compared to their height. A thin faced person is confident by experience and not by nature.

This means that when trying something new he may feel afraid or anxious. If he has a small eye distance in addition to a slim face then he may be interested in small details. The main challenge concerning thin faced people is fear.

Fear is a very big part of their lives and this may motivate them stick to a certain comfort zone and stay away from adventures. Balanced face , Neither slim nor broad: In face reading whenever someone falls in between two major categories then this means that this person has balanced personality traits. For example the person who has a face that is neither slim nor broad has a balanced approach towards fear and the love for details Round face: People with round faces are friendly by nature; they like social gatherings and provide a nice company.

When intending to ask for help head for the round faced person because he may be friendlier than the other people around. Farouk Radwan, MSc. Face reading personology How accurate is face reading Face reading can help you determine many of the personality traits people have by just taking a look at their faces.

While face reading is simple to apply still it takes a lot of training and practice before you can mange to use it well. There are some little mistakes that people who are new to face reading usually do and as a result they get less accurate results.

For example one of the mistakes people make when applying face reading is look at the facial feature alone without taking into consideration the other features. Sometimes two features can assert the presence of a certain personality trait while in other cases certain facial features can restrict the effect of others. In order to make sure you get good results with face reading make sure you look at the whole face and not just a single feature. Many similar circumstances require us to hold in our anger.

What do we do then? If we cannot express the anger when it originally comes up, we need to release it as soon as possible. Stored, old anger is toxic and can take its toll on our health. A good first step is to acknowledge that you are angry.

This admission can allow you to let the anger fall away. We hold on to our anger for a myriad of reasons, and whatever yours may be, try to see that you can gain much more by letting go than by hold- ing on. Acupuncture has been found not only by Traditional Chinese Medicine, but by Western medical studies, too to be a great release for stored, old anger.

Regulated ex- ercise such as walking, bicycling, tai chi, Qi Gong, and yoga helps, too. If passion is not one of your natural gifts, open your heart and mind a little to the idea of living more passionately.

See how it feels; think about how it could enhance your relationships or even your work. It might not come easily or quickly, but I truly believe that your life will be improved with even a little bit more passion. Just like the tree with which they are associated in the Five Element theory, they are strongly rooted in their beliefs, especially about their own abilities, ideas, goals, and approaches.

Wood people are good at enforcing what they want or believe. What makes it slippery is that they are more in- terested in enforcing what they believe to be true, rather than what really is true.

As you might imagine, many politicians and corporate heads are Wood. The nature of Wood people is to move forward or up, so if they become stuck or are only moving laterally, they can quickly become depressed. Making plans is im- portant because planning represents the future and movement. If they cannot partic- ipate in planning and progression, they will become unduly angry, moody, unfocused, and frustrated.

Wood people are self-referential. To win them to your side, present the issue to them in terms of how it will affect them and their interests. They are the doers, not the followers.

They will quickly try to take control and lead the way to resolution. If they have to circumvent or break a few rules, so be it. But un- der extreme stress they can either overplan or freeze and become indecisive. They believe so strongly in their own good intentions of restoring justice or rescuing the underdog that they can lose perspective.

The more you fight Wood personalities for control, the harder they will hang on. Believe it or not, the best way to get Wood people to listen to you in adverse circumstances is to relax, or even tease them. Wood Relationships Wood people get along well with other Woods as long as they are fighting for the same causes.

The sharp and cut- ting Metal person can keep the Wood person under control, but can have a difficult relationship with him or her for the same reason. The Water and Wood relationship is a compatible one. Wood and Boundaries The Wood person definitely has an issue with boundaries. Wood is always creating them and breaking them down.

Wood is very aware of what belongs to him, and where his physical and personal boundaries begin and end. He does not have an open-door policy; if he invites you in, you are probably welcome. If you cross a boundary without permission, you will evoke an angry response. He could be invading as a bully, or because he wants or needs something in your space and trusts his invading motivations to be honorable. That you might object to or question his good intentions will probably anger him— even though the reverse situation, you invading his space with your own good inten- tions, would not be tolerated.

Wood has an explicit double standard about boundaries. The upside to Wood people pushing boundaries is that they are the protectors of society, constantly looking to right the wrongs of the world. Woods are powerful adversaries and defenders. Creativity, without competitiveness, can heal the stressed Wood person. Focus helps Woods make decisions and accomplish their far-reaching goals.

Passion, the wonderful other side of anger, helps Wood people to fulfill their dream of making the world a better place. Think of pro basketball players and their long, strong, rectangular bodies running across the courts. Because Wood people are physically active, they tend to have little body fat.

Their arms and legs are tight and sinewy, with defined muscula- ture. Unfortunately, though, the Qi often gets trapped in the shoulders and chest, or behind and around the eyes. It is the tension and suppressed anger that cause this stuck Qi. There are two Wood body types. I have dubbed them the Redwood and the Cypress. Just picture any professional basketball player and you have the quintessen- tial Redwood body type: The second Wood body type is similar, but the Cypresses are shorter and more compact.

Think of those magnificent Olympic gymnasts who thrill us with their arduous rou- tines. Every bit as athletic as the Redwoods, the more compact Cypresses use their fo- cus and energy differently, and their bodies reflect the difference. While the Redwood basketball player is in constant motion, aggressively invading or defending his own territory, the Cypress gymnast waits, still and focused, until the whistle blows, then suddenly is a whirl of motion, a force of extraordinary strength and concentration.

And then the Cypress lands and is again perfectly still. These are both Wood person- alities, and both body types reflect their competitive, focused, and intense natures. It is longer than it is wide, with thick eyebrows, prominent brow bones, focused eyes that often seem to be piercing, especially when they are angry, and a squared jaw.

When a green, or brownish green, tone or marking suddenly shows up on the face, especially near the brow bones, eyes, or jaws, we look to see if that person is experiencing excessive or repressed anger.

Members of this group are passionate people and natural leaders. You recognize them by their intense gaze, strong brow bones, prominent eyebrows, and a rectangular face.

These charming and spontaneous people come from the heart. You recognize them by their oval-shaped face, sparkling eyes, and brilliant smile. Earth people are grounded, supportive people known for their nurturing ways. You recognize them by their full mouths and full, fleshy chins, cheeks, and earlobes. Quintessential Earth What makes a person a Metal element? Cool, clear, and elegant describes these organized and often philanthropic people. You recognize them by their long slender noses, high eyebrows, and prominent cheekbones.

Quintessential Metal What makes a person a Water element? Water people are wise and determined seekers of truth. You recognize them by their open, often dreamy eyes; their full lower cheeks; rounded upper forehead; and determined jaws.

The Wood with Fire person fights Wood with Earth: The Wood with Earth person can for those who have no voice with his passion and lead others to success while nurturing their talents. His charm. His Wood is in his brow bones and his Fire Wood shows in his square jaws and Earth is in his shines in his eyes. Wood with Metal: The Wood with Metal person Wood with Water: The Wood with Water person has the focus to create a cutting-edge strategy.

Her will fight for his dreams. His Wood is in his strong Wood is in her rectangle-shaped face and her Metal eyebrows and the Water is in his large ears.

The Fire with Earth person brings Fire with Metal: Her Fire is creativity and perfectionism ensures priceless creations. Her Fire is in the points in her lips and her angled cheekbones show her Metal.

Fire with Water: The Fire with Water person makes Fire with Wood: The Fire with Wood person is friends from the heart, motivating them through her spontaneous, yet still in charge. His Fire is in his oval search for truth.

Her Fire is in her pointed chin and her face and his Wood in his brow bones. Water in her high forehead. The Earth with Metal person Earth with Water: The Earth with Water person can make anything happen with support and poise. Her Earth is in her full mouth and her Metal shows in Her Earth is in her wide chin and her Water in her her prominent cheeks. Earth with Wood: The Earth with Wood person is Earth with Fire: Her Earth passion to forge ahead.

His Earth is in his broad, strong is in her full mouth and her Fire in her lively eyes. The Metal with Water person Metal with Wood: The Metal with Wood person balances an analytical mind with a creative imagination.

His Metal is in his long, narrow nose and her Water is in her high, round forehead. Metal with Fire: The Metal with Fire person will Metal with Earth: The Metal with Earth person perfectly organize a project making sure everyone is reaches out with compassion and keeps those happy. Her Metal is in her high, angled cheekbones relationships solid.

Her Metal shows in her high and her Fire is in her dimples. The Water with Wood person Water with Fire: His Water is in his prominent, rounded natural performer. His Water is in his strong jaws and forehead and his Wood in his strong brow bones. Water with Earth: The Water with Earth person Water with Metal: The Water is in organized mind.

Her Water is in her full lower cheeks, her full lower cheeks and the Earth in her wide chin. The Emotion of Fire Something was lost in the ancient Taoist translation of joy, the emotion associated with the Fire element. The true meaning is too much joy, an excess that in the present day we would call mania. When Fire people are feeling balanced, they certainly do experience and radiate joy from deep within their hearts.

For a Fire person, joy equals love. Without love, there is little chance for joy. Unfortunately, for Fire, love often does mean romantic love. A Fire person who is not loved and does not love can experience severe depression and withdrawal. This is heartbreaking not only for Fire people, but for those who care for them. Despair is the complementary emotion to joy. Sadly, this is the state that Fire people experience far too often if their hearts are not full of or open to love.

Their spontaneity, invariable laughter, delightful whimsy, and extraordinary charm keep them at the center of their vast, eclectic assortment of friends. Fun is the key to their every relationship and venture. If they do not have fun at work, they quit. If learning is not fun, they will fail, no matter how smart or bright they are. They frequently have difficulty parenting babies; they do better once the children grow older and they can all have fun together.

Fire people need love like other people need air and water. They also need other people to feel complete; they simply are not good at being alone. If they do not love or feel loved, they tend to feel shame; they are ashamed of not being lovable or of hav- ing an empty heart. This often leads to severe depression. Their need for constant reassurance and approval causes Fire people to bond too quickly or inappropriately, ending in misunderstandings and hurtful situations.

This results in their not trusting themselves or anyone else, without realizing how they or- chestrated the misunderstandings by rushing or pushing the relationships. This same need to be connected to others makes Fire people excellent performers, glowing from the attention and adoration that comes from loved ones and strangers alike. Fire people are born storytellers; they have creative exaggeration down to an art.

Everything is bigger than it really is: They tell tall tales, not lies. And they have the most creative excuses. When Fire people hear music they have to move. It makes them feel calm and balanced. Jolting and nonharmonious sounds distress them, however, actually making them irritable and angry.

Though Fire people have quick, bright minds, their energy is scattered. They re- mind me of fireflies: For Fire people joy comes from without, not from within. As much as they seek love, they also bring great joy to others. When Fire people are hurt, they isolate themselves, hurting their hearts even more deeply. They are exceedingly intuitive with others, but not so much with themselves. This can be a great gift, or it can be intrusive.

The problem is that the Fire per- son is not good at distinguishing the gift from the intrusion. Fire people are so sensi- tive to emotions and pain of the heart that they overidentify and overbond with others to the point of sacrificing their own peace of mind, or even safety, to try to help ease the sorrow and anguish.

Their hearts are in the right place, but they often act inappropriately when at- tempting to cheer up their friends, or even strangers.

Fire people need to be reminded that a good cry is fitting at a funeral—or even at a wedding. Part of their need to fix the heartaches of others reflects their own insecurities. A little reassurance, warmth, affection, and love can go a long way to remind the Fire person of his or her worth. Fire Relationships Fire people can have lots of fun and loving experiences with other Fire people if they are willing to share the attention.

They need to be careful not to start off with fast, in- tense relationships, which can quickly burn out or erupt in flames. Wood people love Fire people in return because the way the Fire people light up when Wood people are around makes Wood feel powerful.

Wood and Fire are good partners in most relationships, especially romantically. They can be a good balance, or the Fire person can feel too subdued by the Water personality.

Their behavior frequently re- sembles bright, flickering flames that invade and burn up everything in their path. Be- cause Fire people are all about their feelings and emotions and the need to bond, they have little patience for relationships to develop at what would be a comfortable pace for most others. The Fire person is easily and frequently infatuated and will push too quickly for intimacy on all levels.

Or, he might not no- tice and flitter away looking for fun around the next corner. Several scientific studies have proven that loneliness and lack of love and intimacy bring on physical illness. It is especially essential for Fire people to stay connected to others and not isolate themselves when hurt or feeling ashamed. Even the littlest show of love can lift the heart a lot. Fires have either a very straight posture, or they slump.

Both postures protect the heart. If you hold yourself very straight and tall, your trunk provides an inflexible bar- rier surrounding your heart. Slumping, with shoulders rounded, also gives the im- pression that you are protecting your heart from vulnerability and hurt.

No matter the posture, most all Fires have weak-looking, underdeveloped, or slightly caved chests. Fire people are always moving some part of their body, tapping their feet, fidget- ing in their chair, swaying to the music. If you want to torture Fire people, tie their hands behind their back and then ask them to tell you a story.

Ask Fire people to stand still so that you can sense the direction of their Qi, the energy in their body. Of course Fires will think that sounds like quite a lot of fun and will be eager to stand before you and have you look for their elusive Qi. This will be an amusing venture. You can make a silent bet with yourself before you begin on how many times you will have to remind them to be still.

The clearer and healthier the Fire person is, the more the Qi will disperse from the chest, the heart area, and their sparkling eyes. When Fires are out of balance, their Qi gets stuck in their chest, over- protecting their hearts. To me, the Fire body actually looks like a long, slender flame, flickering as though susceptible to any breeze that flutters along. Fires are known for their bright, open, and sparkling eyes.

The more pointed these tips are, and the more they are angled up- ward, the more they are considered Fire traits. Fire people often have a reddish or even flushed complexion. When red tones or markings such as blotches, pimples, or little red veins appear, especially on the tips of any of the features, we consider the possibility that the person has excessive emotions relating to the heart, especially heartache. The Emotion of Earth Earth people, when learning that their associated emotion is worry, start worrying about it.

It is appropriate to worry if your children are late, if your bank account is overdrawn, or if you have just lost your job.

Face Reading (Hindi)

But when you ruminate about every choice and decision you have made or turn the possibilities over and over in your head to the point where you can no longer make your decision, your worry is Earth worry.

The trouble with worry is that it seldom goes anywhere, except round and round. Soon the Earth worrier is weighed down with confusion. Confusion goes round and round, too, but it also gains momentum, bringing on anxiety and helplessness.

Both worry and confusion are heavy emotions, and Earth people feel buried by their weight. They feel the worry and confusion churn in their stomachs. The most effective way to get out of the spinning cycle of worry and confusion is to get in touch with your instincts.

Grounding yourself can be as simple as keeping both feet on the ground, breathing deeply, and consciously trying to release the phys- ical discomfort that you feel in your stomach. It will clear your head and body so you can feel your instincts instead of the worry and confusion, and move forward. Adventurous and curious children need the freedom to experience their own lives, but instead the Earth parent teaches them to be practical, not take risks, and play by the rules.

What should be natural and healthy separation between parent and child becomes a full-blown battle for independence. With sympathy, Earth people can extend understanding and compassion with- out overpowering themselves or those they care for so deeply. We call them the Soft Earth and the Mountain Earth personalities. Most likely, their family and friends describe them as the quintessential earth mother or earth father.

Stability and consistency are a must for them. Soft Earth people need to be connected to others as much as the Fire people do, but for vastly different reasons. They feel abandoned when their loved ones are not physically present; they need to touch to feel connected. If their loved one is talking on the phone, essentially con- nected to someone else, they will more likely than not give them a little tap on the back or lightly stroke their arm as they walk by.

Soft Earth people are the eternal parents. Often they had immature mothers, so they start young by parenting their own parents. They give such abundant and great advice because they have so much experience taking care of others.

A common statement could go like this: They then find them- selves in their familiar cycle of worry and confusion. Their concept of family extends to community or even the world, and they are less sentimental.

They are stable, grounded to the earth, and immovable when they are pursuing their goals, which they do much of the time. They hear the word stubborn frequently, but are much too stub- born to let it bother them. Winston Churchill is my favorite example of the Mountain Earth.

He even looks like a solid, unmovable mountain. Churchill was known for his earthy needs for pleasure. In nearly every photograph we see of him he has a cigar in hand, and a glass of good whiskey or port is often nearby. Soft Earth personalities will fight to the death to keep their children safe, happy, and frequently at home. Churchill displayed the same needs, but his children were his countrymen, whom he devoted his life to protecting, and also the colonies, which he did not want to let go.

Both Soft and Mountain Earth people love their comfort and pleasures. The Soft Earth might prefer a big, comfy overstuffed chair, while the Mountain Earth enjoys a big, comfy leather chair. They both love their creature comforts, particularly food. The most miserable people on the planet are Earth people on a diet.

Earth personalities are slow to move and slow to respond. They need time to fully digest information and feelings, the same way they slowly digest their food. It is eas- ier for them to give emotional nourishment than it is for them to receive it. A major source of pain is in expecting that their nurturing and nourishing will be reciprocated without having to ask. They are frequently hurt and often martyred because of this. How do you know when Earth people want a shoulder rub?

Their expectation is that when they are finished, you will re- ciprocate. If you ask if anything is wrong, they will sigh and say nothing.

How do they feel? How does everyone else feel? They can sometimes be the take-charge people, but they will always be the take-care people. If the situation is akin to a natural catastrophe, Soft Earth people are an im- mensely reassuring influence. They provide nurture and assist those in charge of restoring order and calm. They are terrific supporters when they have a respected and able leader. During a major event, the Mountain Earth can be a strong leader, finding one center spot from which to assess the situation and the individual abilities of his team members.

From here, he will delegate responsibility. These Earth types are the calm in the storm, grounded and immovable in their decisions and actions. Earth Relationships Earth gets along with Earth socially, but not in business or on projects with a deadline. Wood likes to lead and Earth loves to assist a great leader; they can make each other shine.

Earth people are so grounded and easygoing that Fire people can seem to them like annoying gnats buzzing around their comfy, quiet world. Earth and Water people are just too opposite. Water needs to move, and Earth likes stability and familiarity; they have a hard time of it. When they care about you, no matter what your relationship, they want to mother you.

A former student calls spending time with her Earth mother-in-law similar to be- ing suffocated by a heavy, wet woolen blanket. Though it might not be your nature to nurture, try it anyway; give the Earth people in your life even a tiny bit of what they give you, and you will have made a wonderful difference. They can be in shape and have great-looking bodies, but they will be soft bodies, even if they are thin.

Even an extremely thin Earth person will still have little soft padding on the chest, upper arms, and belly.

Earth people are not sinewy; they are soft and round, even their muscles. Earth personalities are grounded, and so are their bodies. They even have short legs, bringing them closer to the ground. Healthy and balanced Earth Qi emanates from the belly and moves slowly downward to the ground. When there is an imbalance, their Qi feels heavy and gets trapped in the lower belly or thighs. Sitting in their comfy chairs and eating their comfy food is going to stagnate their Qi and emotions.

They need to get moving, physically and emotionally. Even a daily twenty-minute walk is a healthy start. If you care about your Earth friends, get them to take a walk with you a few times a week.

Earth people have distinct jawlines; full, generous mouths; and soft pads on their chins, tip of nose, cheeks, and upper eyelids. Their skin is soft and they have creamy complexions. Many Earth element people have a yellow or sallow tone to the face. When yel- low patches or tones occur on the face, mostly around the mouth and chin, it indi- cates the Earth emotions of worry and confusion are in turmoil. Grief has several stages, including shock, numbness, denial, anger, depression, and resolution.

The progression culminating in resolution is appropriate to events of great loss. Metal people, however, are often stuck in the first three stages.

Then they pull back and overprotect themselves, anesthetizing their feelings. While others might see them as cool, aloof, or even stoic, they are more accurately in shock or de- nial of their overwhelming sense of loss. The complementary emotion of grief is compassion. They are poised, proud, proper, and have impeccable taste.

Insecure and competitive peo- ple often misunderstand and feel threatened by the Metal personality. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Metal is the element associated with the lungs, and the lungs are all about air—taking it in and letting it out. Putting on airs, an air of wealth, the air of being above it all, an air of snobbishness: These are the protections the Metal person uses to keep from getting too close and from being exposed.

Metal people are on a lifelong quest for perfection, and keeping up appearances at least gives the impression of success. Sometimes the illusion is more important than the reality. After all, if you look rich, or if it appears that you are successful, well, then darling, you may associate with those who are, and you shall soon have it all, too. Too often, sensitive Metal people hide their vulnerability behind appearances. Every- thing they do seems inadequate or insufficient, even though everyone else may be singing their praises.

They know they could have done better, or have been better. Their resulting sadness over their inadequacies is kept private. Therefore, Metal people withdraw to protect their feelings and reputation. The quest for perfection is a lonely and im- possible path. Words have an immense effect on Metal people. We have seen that they long for praise, yet when it comes, they cannot hear it. On the other hand, they hear criticism loud and clear. No one is as devastated by criticism as Metal people, and no one can slice as deeply with words as they can.

One cool look and a few sharp words from Metal can cut you to the bone. Naturally, anyone who seeks perfection values quality. The Metal person must have the best. Of everything. When Metal people get nostalgic, it is for quality: If Metal people cannot have what they want now, they will not accept substitutes; instead, they will suffer through their deprivation.

Metal people have a unique sense of selflessness and altruism that enables them to be generous philan- thropists. If they tell you to evacuate the building, you will.

Metal responds to life-changing events and issues with coolness and detach- ment. Metals assess the situation and find a practical resolution. They are the calm not only before the storm, but during the winds and the devastating aftermath as well. If Metal people had a motto, it would be A place for everything and everything in its place. When I tell my corporate seminar groups this, it always elicits good-natured finger-pointing to the Metal people on the team.

Not only do their immaculate desks and offices look as if they were torn from the pages of designer magazines, but so do their work presentations, and even their well-put-together selves. This is a person you want in charge in a crisis. The downside is that Metal people are like this in their personal lives, nearly all the time. They need to be encouraged to view life, and to experience it, in a less exact and practical manner.

Perfection may be a lifesaver in an emergency, but it can be severely life-hampering in everyday existence. This is probably a Metal person who does not feel cool or par- ticularly witty, but his pride will not let him expose his vulnerability. They have the same work ethic and the same reserved approach to personal relationships. Metal gets along better with Wood than the reverse. This can be a good team, or it can infuriate the Wood person when he realizes he is not in control.

Earth and Metal relationships are better in small doses or at a distance. Metal and Boundaries Metal people love boundaries. After all, their motto is A place for everything and everything in its place.

This does not apply only to their things, but to their emotions, behavior, and expression of their feelings as well. Infractions are dealt with promptly, usually by cutting off the re- lationship with the offender. Disapproving words poke away at their fragile emotional borders, making them hy- persensitive to any constructive feedback or dialogue.

A Metal child who had critical parents will become a harsh self-critic and overachiever who can never do well enough. If they are carrying extra weight, they still have small wrists and ankles, and their chests often appear to be frail, with the skin stretched tightly over their noticeable collarbones.

Metal people have beautiful postures, and this has as much to do with their Qi as with their natural elegance and poise. Every other of the Five Element personalities has Qi that flows in a pattern or direction that is recognizable to the practiced ob- server.

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Often, Metal people look as though they are holding their breath, but the ancient Taoists say that they are using their breath to protect their frag- ile Qi. Most top male and female models have the perfect Metal face: High eyebrows are a Metal trademark, giving the appearance of aloofness. The complexion of most Metal element people is less notable for its color than for the sheen to the skin.

This is less shiny than a luster or polished look. You will fail! May we all be so blessed! Unfortunately, his opinion is not a popular one in our culture. As with all our emotions, fear can immobilize us if we succumb to it. If we meet it head-on, it can be a great teacher. After all, we are all socialized by fear. You do not instruct tiny toddlers to avoid a burning flame by explaining the physics of fire, nor keep them from running into the path of a moving car by explaining velocity, speed, weight, and matter.

What if I run with scissors? The rational person has a healthy fear of doing the wrong thing. As we mentioned earlier in regard to Evel Knievel, many Water types are so afraid of being controlled by their fear that they go to extremes to control it. Here is a link to my profile Note: In case you are already registered there just let a friend of yours do the same steps Then Send me a Message there using the message link in my profile when done to get your download link. More about Face reading What do you think is the best way to communicate with people?

Is it being nice? The quick answer is it depends on the person you are dealing with. Each person should be treated in a way that matches his personality in order for him to be happy.

For example in the Face reading book you will get you will know that those who have angled eyebrows plus a big nose usually have a big ego and demand respect. If you neglected those people or didn't treat them the way they expect then they will not like you. Just like a certain key only fits one key hole a certain communication strategy only works with the right person. How the book is like The book is loaded with pictures and illustrations. Faces of celebrities and popular figures are used to demonstrate how faces can be read.

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