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Crochet Amigurumi Pdf has the largest collection of amigurumi patterns, with both free and premium patterns. This is a digital download pattern, NOT a finished product. Create your own mini amigurumi with this extensive eBook containing mini amigurumi patterns!. A directory of free Amigurumi crochet patterns. Little Donkey. A free crochet pattern on

Amigurumi Crochet patterns - trendy and simply cute What are Amigurumi? Amigurumi are small or large knitted or crocheted, sewn or crafted stuffed creatures or objects, which can be used in a variety of ways. For example, as a keychain, an amulet, personal toy, for playing and especially as a present to someone. There are no limits for the imagination from choosing materials and techniques to finding the right colors and shapes. Usually amigurumis are stuffed with fiberfill, rice or foam balls completely or partly, firmly or loose. The Amigurumi trend As one might have guessed from the name, amigurumis come from Japan. The shapes used are similar to Manga characters: big eyes, snub noses and round faces. What do I need to make crochet-amigurumis? In the category amigurumis you can find patterns for different skill levels. The exact information you need to create your design such as types of yarn, materials and abilities is given on brief product overview page and explained in detail in tutorial after download or download. Get help and exchange with others If you have any problems, you can get help by using comment field in the right bottom corner of the product page. You can also ask any question, get help and support from other users in the Crazypatterns forum in the right top corner. If you like, you may also upload photos of Amigurumis made by you and get a feedback from others.

Sew the SPOUT onto the body, aligned with the ch 3 loops and so that the bottom of the spout lines up just above the eyes. You can stuff the spout lightly. Use C1 and ch 50, starting and ending with a long tail. Thread an end of the handle through both ch 3 loops and then tie ends together. Double up on the handle. Take the beginning and end tails and work macrame square knots around the handle for about an inch.

Fasten off and weave in the two ends. Enjoy your new amigurumi teapot!

20 Free Amigurumi Patterns to Melt Your Heart

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Free Toys Crochet Patterns

First Name: Last Name: Confirm Password: Join Through Facebook. Forgot Your Password? Round: [ 6 SC, SC 7th and 8th stitch together.

Round: [ 3 SC, SC 4th and 5th stitch together. Afterwards fill head of the rat with polyfill. Row: Press the opening of the head together, so that both rows of stitches lay parallel to each other while the last crocheted stitch is the most right one.

Now push the hook through the next stitch AND the stitch directly opposite that first stitch but not the last stitch you crocheted , yarn over, pull the yarn through both stitches and do 1 single crochet. Repeat this for all opposing stitches but not the last one.

Free Amigurumi Patterns

The head should now be closed with a total of 7 stitches. Do 1 chain stitch and turn your work. How to crochet the rat legs and paws The rat legs are not crocheted separately but as direct part of the body.

Whenever the pattern says to crochet a rat leg, jump back to this instructions and crochet a rat leg. All four legs are crocheted the same. When finishing one leg go back to the step you last stopped and keep going on with the main pattern. Keep working with the grey yarn on your crochet hook. Step: 12 chain stitches.

Step: Yarn over the pink yarn and pull it through the loop that is right now on the crochet hook. Step: [ 6 chain stitches, 1 SC, 4 slip stitches. Step: You finished crocheting 4 toes and one loop is on the hook.

Now stitch through the stitch left from the crochet hook between toe 4 the toe you crocheted last and toe 3, yarn over and pull the yarn through. Repeat this for the stitch between toe 3 and 2 and between toe 2 and 1. Yarn over and pull the yarn through all 4 loops. Step: Change back to the grey yarn that you used before. One rat leg is finished. Go back to where you stopped last time to crochet a leg and come back when the instructions says so.

Row: 11 SC along the body. Row: Crochet the second rat leg. After finishing the leg, continue with the next step. Row: 2 SC in first stitch. Row: 53 rows, each round 13 SC, 1 chain stitch and turn. Last round turn without chain stitch.